How Much Percentage is Required for a Canada Study Visa?

How Much Percentage is Required for a Canada Study Visa?Canada is a wonderful place to move to. But guess what, Canada is one of the fastest-growing study destinations as well. Today, several students from around the globe prefer to study in Canada. And, they go there mostly for diploma courses and vocational training. However, 21 out of top 500 universities in the World are in Canada. 

Canadian universities provide a wonderful academic experience along with immense opportunities. Moreover, Canada offers world’s most renowned research facilities to the students post completion of courses. The universities in Canada provide an opportunity to attend the best vocational programs. But, it depends on the performance of the candidate in high schools. Let’s check out what minimum marks the candidate need for getting a Canada study visa?

Minimum Percentage Required for Canada After Graduation

The first question that comes in the mind when someone wants to study undergraduate in Canada is:

What is the percentage required to get admission into a good Canadian university? Well, the answer to this question varies. And, it varies depending on the study programs and the level of the study program.

The most important requirement is an English language test such as IELTS. Candidates need a least academic score of 65% or above if they choose humanities. But, if someone wants to go for a bachelor’s degree in Science and Commerce then 70-80% or above marks are required.

For the candidates, who want to go for a diploma program, 60% or above marks are required to be eligible to apply.

Percentage Required to Study in Canada After 12th

If a candidate goes for a diploma course in a Canadian university, then 60 percent in 12th grade is eligible. But, there are some colleges that allow the students who have scored 55 percent. However, if any student wants to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in any of the universities in Canada. Then they need to have at least 70% plus an SAT/ACT score.

In case, a candidate has not scored a minimum of 70 percent. But still he/she wants to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in a Canadian University. Then there is another option for them. They will be completing a 2-year Advanced Diploma with a minimum GPA of 3. And, thereafter they will go to the final year of a Bachelor’s degree. But, their final year of bachelor’s degree will be at a university where their current diploma college has a connection in.

Canada Student Visa With 50% Marks

For Canada Visa, there is a requirement of minimum of 60% Marks. But, if a candidate doesn’t have 60% marks then he/she can still try for SPP. It stands for students’ partners program. And, if the profile of the candidate is extraordinarily good then there are high chances to get a visa. With SPP, the issuance of the student visas is quicker and simpler. 

That means, less paper work is required for applying a visa under SPP. Moreover, the visa application under SPP will be reviewed and finished within just 5 to 10 working days.

Canada Student Visa With Low Percentage In 12th

If a candidate is going to a Canada university after 12th. Then his/her VISA procedure will not actually depend on the marks that received in 12th. But, it will depend on the IELTS ranking. And the Visa officers are going to see the ranking in this survey. Plus, it’s also required for a candidate to talk in English if he/she wants to study in Canada.

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