Cost Of Studying In Canada

Cost Of Studying in Canada

Study In Canada Cost

In contrast to many other nations, Canada is a very inexpensive place to study. Cost of Studying in Canada would most likely cost between C$20,000 and C$30,000 a year. This range is just an estimate, and it will differ depending on the organization and course in which you are enrolled.

Housing, food, and other living costs can vary depending on your location and a student or an applicant needs, but C$15,000 a year is a typical estimate. International students’ tuition fees vary by location and program.

Before you begin studying in Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada needs you to show that you have enough funds to cover your living expenses. As a result, it’s critical to start preparing your finances – and searching into the likelihood of earning a grant to help support your education in Canada.

Costs of Living in Canada

The estimated expense for accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses range from C$10,000 to C$15,000 annually depending on the students’ lifestyle.

EXPENSES Monthly C$ (approx.) Annually C$ (approx.)
On-campus rental $600 $7,200
Mobile phone (basic package) $30 $360
Public Transit Pass $40 $480
Groceries/Food $300 $3,600

Arrival & Accomodation

Planning & Housing:

International Student Accommodation – Dormitories & Townhouses

International Students are free to choose accommodation in the university or college provided hostel stay. They stay in hostels can be on sharing basis and also on an independent basis subject to availability. 

Off-Campus Shared Apartment or Condominium

International students can opt for shared apartments outside the campus. There is also the facility to go for individual rented apartments for a comfortable stay. Based on your budget, you can choose the type of off-campus accommodation while study in Canada. 

Facilities in Hostels 

      1. 24×7 security surveillance

     2. 24×7 fresh water supply

     3. 24×7 power supply and power backup

     4. Clean and green environment

     5. Hygienic and good quality food

     6. Delicious cuisine along with Indian food facility

Welcome week: Universities in the country organizes Welcome Week to help students know more about each other, course, atmosphere, university or college, and amenities. This helps to develop a friendly and engaging atmosphere and the feeling of comfort while study in Canada. 

Travel facilities: there is a shuttle facility for in and around university travel. For the long distance movement, students can opt for buses or trains accessible without effort. 

Bank Account: Your need for a dedicated bank account can be fulfilled with the help of minimum two documents. You need valid identity proof, passport, and college admission documents.