MBA in the UK


UK is home to many of the most prestigious MBA courses in the world that have gained recognition from the entire major global league. As per the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018, UK universities are doing great as 14 of the business schools located in the country are positioned among the top 100 schools.

Pursuing MBA in UK is an ideal choice. There are many  UK universities and business schools that offer high-quality degrees at a much lower cost.

Why Choose UK for MBA

One of the most important reasons to do an MBA program from UK University is its duration. MBA programs in the UK are of one year as well as duration compared to those offered by the US and Canadian universities. The majority of the UK universities consider a 3-years bachelor’s degree.

Other reasons to select the UK for MBA include:

  • Global Recognition

  • Alumni Network

  • Student Profile

  • Career Services

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    Eligibility Criteria for MBA Program in the UK:

    MBA entry requirements at the majority of the universities located in the UK include:

         1. A minimum of 3-years of full-time work experience.

        2. A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

        3. GMAT (see below)

        4. IELTS score of at least 6.0-6.5.

    Intake & Application Deadlines

    Many MBA application deadlines for the current year intakes have already been released, with the majority of the top b-schools opting for different admission round formats. Though, many schools have held their MBA offerings for the foreseeable future many institutions at present welcome students for the fall semester.

    Course Duration

    Generally, the MBA program offered at a UK business school is of 12 months, but the duration of many programs is two years and prospective MBA students can also opt for a part-time MBA to focus on their career as well. Even many universities also offer online MBA courses to students.

    Tuition Fees

    On average, a one-year MBA will cost £10,000 – £15,000. However, doing an MBA program at top business schools like Oxford and Cambridge potentially can cost up to £45,000.

    But in case, you leave popular business study destinations like London and other more popular UK cities, then you might find that fees for an equally prestigious course more affordable

    Popular Fields of Study in MBA Courses

    Some of the popular MBA Programs in the United Kingdom include:

    • Business Analytics and Big Data

    • Consulting

    • Corporate Finance

    • Energy and Natural Resources

    • Healthcare / Pharma / Biotech

    • Luxury Brand Management

    • Marketing

    • Nonprofit Management

    Salaries for MBA Graduates

    UK is placed at the fifth position in terms of producing the highest paid MBA degree holders. The average salaries & bonus offered to the MBA graduates there is $122,000. Graduates specializing in finance, marketing, data analytics, and HR continue to get the highest starting salaries among other MBA specializations.

    Top Industries to Choose

    Some of the most trending job options for MBA Graduates in the UK include:

    • Commercial manager

    • Finance Manager

    • Management consultant

    • Financial manager