Importance of Letter of Recommendation (LOR) For Study Abroad

We have heard many times that a letter of recommendation (LOR) is important while applying at the universities or colleges abroad but many students even do not know LOR’s astonishing meaning. Almost all the universities located abroad demand LOR or a Recommendation Letter that must be uploaded with all other documents while applying online.

Based on the course you have applied for, the need and number of letters of recommenders would differ, and accordingly, the format for LOR would also vary. LOR is an important document that describes the merits and demerits of your application. Also, mostly a letter of recommendation is requested at the time of applying for a job in addition to applying for admissions.

However, a letter of recommendation is not required while applying at the Indian universities which in turn makes the students confused and they do not know the exact LOR meaning as well. Thus, through this article, we want to offer a better understanding of the importance of the letter of recommendation and which format of LOR must be followed while applying for higher education overseas.

All About – LOR Meaning and LOR Format
Why letter of recommendation is equally important as an admission essay or
statement of purpose and which LOR format must be followed?
It acts as proof of your resume

Most of the universities consider the candidates’ Letters of Recommendations as a validation of what all they have achieved and mentioned in the resume. Also, LOR serves as positive proof of the candidates’ work in an organization or their experience while studying in a college as the LORs are mostly requested on the official letterheads.

For instance, if there is any project that you have worked on and received excellent grades in your graduation, then the same information mentioned in LOR will help in judging your skills. In case the same skills are mentioned in brilliant words in both your resume and in the statement of purpose, then obviously the professor would discuss the same in his/her recommendation letter. The candidates planning to apply abroad can refer to the formats of LOR to get a better understanding of it.

It gives a third-person impression of your candidature

A letter of recommendation mostly talks about your personality and other relevant skills that are important for the students. Most of the universities need an Academic LOR which is proof of the students’ abilities and also discusses other qualities like discipline, dedication, and motivation towards their studies, the way you respond in class, etc. Essentially, what is being included in the LOR provides a perspective of a professor to another professor that helps in increasing the chances of getting admission to a particular university. The students can refer to various LOR samples so that they can get to know about the LOR format in a better way.

It offers details of your leadership and team abilities

Suggesting that you are a good leader is one thing but in reality, only a good recommendation letter can point out your abilities as a leader. As is often said, you are a good leader only in case others also believe the same. This is mostly charted out in a Professional LOR as the international colleges and universities need a Professional LOR from the students applying for an MBA, MBBS, or Engineering course. The Academic and Professional LOR format is different from each other.

The LOR can be given either by your immediate reporting manager/ supervisor who knows the importance of a letter of recommendation and thus will include true and accurate information. A professional LOR offers an idea about your leadership skills and more importantly showcases light on your abilities to work in teams and also with other teams.

This is one of the most important requirements especially in case you are applying for an MBA and/or research-based courses abroad, hence adding extra importance to your LORs. Many of the top-most MBA universities often give almost 8 percent weightage to the LOR submitted by the candidates.

LOR sample for MS in CS

In case you are also applying for a master’s program in Computer Science then you must get a better understanding by looking at the LOR sample for MS in CS. Letter of Recommendation for studying abroad is a lengthy process and once you have shortlisted the universities, you need to produce the documents as well. Also, adhering to the LOR format for Engineering is important as it plays an important role in showcasing student’s personalities in general.

LOR also highlights your weaknesses

Most of the LORs are form-based that have certain questions and must be answered by the Recommenders. LOR Format is usually either in question and answer format. Along with highlighting the strengths of the students, LORs must also include the applicant’s shortcomings/ areas of improvement.

A recommender should study the LOR sample for Mechanical to give an unbiased judgment about the candidate. Along with discussing the students’ strengths, his/her weaker points will also be mentioned. Therefore, the applicant must be extra careful while choosing his/her recommender who is well familiar with the latest LOR sample for civil course format.

Besides students, it is also important for a teacher/ supervisor to write an important letter of recommendation for students with due responsibility behalf. Let the recommender decide the LOR format which in turn will help in depicting your personality. Hence, when submitting your letter of recommendation, make sure all the information provided in these letters is true and accurate. So, along with spending time in writing your essays make sure that you are through with the latest LOR format as well, and understood LOR’s meaning that can make a huge difference in a student’s career.

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