To crack the IELTS exam, one should be very clear with the IELTS syllabus for 2023 and how you are going to prepare for it.
IELTS exams are of 2 types: academic and General (will discuss below in detail). And, The paper of IELTS consists of 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The listening and speaking sections are the same for both exam types but the reading and writing sections are different.
Let’s read this article to know the IELTS syllabus for 2022-23 in depth.

The paper of IELTS consists of 4 sections, so let’s look in brief those sections:


A.  Listening Section
  1. It includes 4 sections which consist of 40 items.
  2. The first section includes a conversation between individuals
  3. The second section consists of a monologue speech
  4. The third section consists of conversation among four people
  5. The fourth and the last section includes monologues on academic subjects.


B. Reading Section
  1. It includes three sections with 40 items.
  2. You need to read the passage and mark multiple-choice questions, sentence completion, summary writing, matching information, and short answers.
  3. Reading Passage and questions are different in Academic and General Training.


C. Writing Section
  1. It includes two tasks that are quite simpler for the students to attend.
  2. The first task provides you with a chart, graph, table, chart, and diagram, and based on your understanding, you need to summarize it in your words.
  3. In the second task, you need to write an essay based on an argument or problem.


D. Speaking Section
  1. It includes face-to-face oral interviews with the examiner which consist of three parts.
  2. In the first part, you need to speak about yourself and topics related to home, family, studies, etc.
  3. In the second part, you are given a card to speak on a particular topic. You will be given time to prepare yourself before speaking.
  4. In the third part, the questions will be asked related to the particular topic given in part 2.