MBA In Australia

An Overview

MBA In Australia provides admission based on the marks scored in the undergraduate program, required work experience, and an interview conducted by the business school.

Why Choose Australia For MBA?

Whenever it comes to learning in Australia, foreign students have a lot of options. There are 43 universities in Australia, including 40 Australian universities, two foreign universities, and one private college. Six Australian universities are among the world’s top 100, demonstrating the importance of both quantity and quality.


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    Eligibility Criteria for MBA Program in Australia

    • To be admitted into business schools in Australia candidates should have a graduate degree with a grade point average of 55-65 per cent

    • A minimum 65% percentage marks in bachelors

    • An IELTS score of at least 6.5 (Equivalents would be accepted)

    • To get into an MBA program at one of Australia's best business schools you must have at least two years of prior work experience

    • Bachelor's degrees in any field (some schools prefer a degree of certificate in business-related fields)

    • Interview conducted face-to-face over a video call or on phone

    • Copy of your latest updated resume

    • At least two reference letters from the previous employer or professors

    • A good GMAT or GRE score

    • Some prestigious business schools that admit students into MBA programs without a GMAT are Monash Deakin and LaTrobe University.

    MBA Course Duration

    The duration of the course in Australia is around one year and it is a full-time course. 

    Tuition Fees

    MBA programs in Australian universities cost between 40,200 and 64,000 dollars on average. In Indian rupees, the cost of an MBA in Australia is about 45 lakhs. Moreover, with grants for MBA in Australia, the cost can be kept to a minimum. There are several government grants available that pay up to 100% of your tuition costs, making higher teaching more accessible. You can even work part time to cover the expenses.

    MBA in Australia - Tuition Fees for Indian Students

    School Full-time MBA Fees (INR)
    Melbourne Business School 45.59 Lakhs
    AGSM Business School 44.01 Lakhs
    Monash Business School 44.83 Lakhs
    Macquarie Graduate School of Management 40.31 Lakhs
    UWA Business School 30.41 Lakhs
    UQ Business School  41.16 Lakhs
    ANU College of Business & Economics 36.58 Lakhs
    Deakin Business School 31.89 Lakhs
    RMIT University School of Business 43.53 Lakhs
    La Trobe Business School 30.38 Lakhs

    Salaries for MBA Graduates

    Because of the increased demand for managers, candidates with an MBA from Australia can expect to earn about 98,400 USD on average (72.2 lakhs). Accounting and Finance are among the well-paid MBA occupations in Australia, with an average salary of 61,229 USD.  

    Top Business School & Salary of MBA Graduates in Australia


    Business Schools Salary of MBA Graduates (USD)
    Melbourne Business School 125,000 
    AGSM Business School 213,000
    Monash Business School 135,00
    Macquarie Graduate School of Management 147,000
    UWA Business School 139,000
    UQ Business School  203,000
    ANU College of Business & Economics 99,000
    Deakin Business School 133,000

    Pre-arrival Cost

    Type of Expense  Cost (USD)
    Application Fee 100 (approx.)
    Australian Student Visa Fee 426 
    GRE Fee 205
    GMAT Fee 250
    TOEFL Registration Fee 160 – 250
    IELTS Registration Fee 215 – 240

    Post-arrival Cost

    The total MBA in Australia program cost in a top-ranked business school is 40,200 USD to 64,000 USD. 

    Documents for Australian Student Visa

    • Valid passport

    • Proof of ID

    • Acceptance letter from the university/college

    • OSHC health insurance

    • Bank statement with proof of sufficient funds (~62

    • 222 AUD per year)

    • English language proficiency scores like TOEFL IELTS etc.

    • Statement of Purpose

    • 4 passport size photograph

    • Students might have to appear for a possible health checkup and visa interview depending upon their current location.

    The Top Business Schools for MBA in Australia

    Top- Rated Schools Full-time MBA Fees in USD (Approx.)
    UWA Business School 41,498 USD
    UQ Business School  56,159 USD
    Monash Business School 61,166 USD
    Macquarie Graduate School of Management 54,993 USD
    Melbourne Business School 62,198 USD
    AGSM Business School 60,053 USD
    RMIT University School of Business 59,393 USD
    La Trobe Business School 41,461 USD
    ANU College of Business & Economics 49,911 USD
    Deakin Business School 43,524 USD