Study in Canada from India

Today, Canada has emerged as one of the most popular destinations among international students for doing higher studies in business management, medical science, engineering, and more. The universities in Canada are well recognized all over the world. The teaching standards in Canadian educational institutions are quite high as compared to many other global universities.

These are just a few stars in the sky, besides there are many other advantages of Study In Canada from the universities that give admission to the national and international students as well. Every year many students from different countries including India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. travel to Canada to study UG in Canada, Masters in Canada, MBA in Canada, and for other professional programs. All the universities in the country have received accreditation from the world’s major organizations.

Through Study in Canada from Student, you could receive an internationally identified education from the top educators of the world. Apply to higher education programs in Canada as a foreign student, extend the study visa and see about working while studying or after graduation.  If you visit Canada, you will discover a friendly country with a distinct Canadian community that celebrates diversity.

Why Study In Canada?

  • From elementary school to post-graduation studies Canada is known for its excellent educational standard

  • Teachers are well-educated and carry a variety of viewpoints to the classroom

  • The Canadians are nice and welcome international students with love

  • Hassle-free admission procedure

  • The country offers rewarding career opportunities

  • Highly sophisticated education facilities

  • Safe nation for male and female international aspirants

  • The fees structure of the universities are low

  • Good and reasonably priced accommodation facility available

  • All modern infrastructure readily available

  • Canada is known as one of the best countries in the world for foreign students from big cities to small towns.

Advantage of Study in Canada for Indian Students

  • No donations are required

  • Safe and secure study environment

  • Low rate of crime

  • English medium classes

  • Globally recognized degree

  • Education facilities are simply world class

  • Appropriate environment for research

Canada is considered the best learning destinations for students because of its high academic standard and low tuition fees. Until August 2019, almost 70,000 foreign students were studying in Canada at all stages, illustrating the country’s global appeal.

Lifestyle in Canada

The Canadians have the high living style. If you are looking for it, then the country is the right place. In Canada, both Canadians and foreign students have a high standard of living. It’s a wonderful place to live, study, and visit. The cost of living for students depends on his/her living style.

Timelines and Visa Processing

Students who want to pursue their Study In Canada should obtain a Canadian student visa for staying in Canada. If the duration of the course is about six months or less than those then students might not need to take a study permit. So, the individuals need to decide which university they want to study in. Check the course duration which you will be opting for because you would need a Canadian Student VISA accordingly. 

Students Visa for Canada

  • The Visa application process is not complex

  • The average time required by the Canadian Embassy is 6-12 weeks based on a student’s background

  • The fee for VISA is $150 or INR 8400 approx.

  • The applicants need to apply for the VISA 3 months prior to course commencement.

Documents Required for Canada Student Visa

  • A valid passport

  • Student Visa Application Form filled correctly

  • The fee payment receipt of application

  • An offer of a place from a Canadian institute/university

  • Letter from your current institution

  • Two passport-sized photographs

  • Fitness certificate

  • Health insurance receipt

  • Health and Character certificates may be required

  • Academic certificates

  • TOEFL GRE or GMAT scores whichever is demanded by your Canadian institute/university

  • Financial status proof to support your tuition fee

  • living cost and travel costs

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

It is vital to know which qualifying exams are required before beginning with the application procedure. Also, students must be aware of the documents needed to apply to the universities. 

Students must qualify TOEFL or IELTS exams and get the relevant score. One must have a valid SAT score. 

For applying to the universities following documents are needed:

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Statement of purpose

  • Educational documents like college or school certificates

  • Financial documents

Scholarships & Internships to Study in Canada

Only limited scholarships in Canada are provided to foreign students as compared to countries like the USA, UK, or Australia. The main reason behind this is the low tuition fees of universities in Canada. As many students are required to pay fewer tuition fees, colleges do not provide many scholarships to the students. Moreover, there are some scholarships for intelligent students. 

Students can also take in part-time jobs to sustain themselves. This would help them in covering their tuition fees and living expenses. This would benefit the international students as they would be able to save some money too. 

Following are the scholarships provided by the Canadian government to help in covering tuition fees:

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

International undergraduate students who show superior academic achievement, leadership skills, participation in student affairs and community service, recognized accomplishment in fields of endeavour such as the visual arts, athletics, debating, or creative writing, or internal academic competitions and exams are eligible for the International Leader of Tomorrow Award.

Humber International Entrance Scholarships

For new global undergraduate students, Humber provides partial and full renewable tuition fees scholarships. There are two full-tuition scholarships and two $5,000 scholarships available. The scholarships would be added to the tuition fees of the good students. The ability of a student to achieve a 75 percent GPA in every year of his or her program at Humber is required for scholarship extension.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

These scholarships are merit-based awards that are for students of any nationality who would be recognized as a full-time graduate student (MS or Ph.D.) at the University of Manitoba. The number of scholarships offered to students will be $18,000 for Ph.D. and $14,000 for a master’s. The applicants are qualified to obtain this scholarship for the first 2 years of their masters and the first 4 years for their Ph.D.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

This scholarship is for students who are opting for a doctoral program in the social science or humanities. The value of the scholarship is around $60,000 per student for three years maximum.

There are many other scholarships which are provided to the international students. 

Quick Facts

1. Prime minister: Justin Trudeau 
2.Canada is the 2nd largest nation in the world
4.Largest city: Toronto
5.Official languages: English , French
6.Total area: 9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi) (2nd)
7.Total land area: 9,093,507 km2 (3,511,023 sq mi)
8.Population: Q1 2021 estimate):38,048,738 (38th)
9.GDP: 2021 estimate
10.Total:  $1.979 trillion (15th)
11.Currency: Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
12.Time zone: UTC−3.5 to −8
13.Summer (DST): UTC−2.5 to −7

Frequently Asked Questions

International students may be eligible for scholarships from private, government, or public institutions in Canada. International students may be eligible for scholarships from their chosen study institution.

Citizens of certain countries are required to provide their biometrics (fingerprints and pictures) to Canada.

For programs lasting less than six months, an applicant is not required to get a study permit. A prospective student will need to apply for a study visa if the course is longer than six months. Even if you’re applying for a program that lasts less than six months, there are advantages to applying for a study permit. Even if you do not require a study permit, it is a good idea to apply. If you desire to continue your studies in a new program after finishing your short-term studies, you may be compelled to leave the country and apply for a study permit through a Canadian visa office outside of Canada.

International students with a valid study permit and a Social Insurance Number can work while study in Canada (SIN). During the school year, students can work part-time for 20 hours per week and full-time for 40 hours during the summer. Furthermore, many Canadian universities include paid internships as part of their curriculum, giving students the option to work full-time in an industry related to their field of study.

If you graduate from a Designated Learning Institution, the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program allows you to get valuable Canadian work experience (PGWPP). Normally, a work permit visa is provided for one year after completing a one-year study program. A student can receive a post-study work visa for up to three years if they study for at least two years.

Work experience is part of the curriculum of some Canadian programs.

If you want to work as a co-op or intern, you can apply for a work permit.

  1. Working is an important element of your studies program in Canada or you have a valid study permit.
  2. A letter from your school indicates that all students in your program are required to complete work placements in order to receive their degree or certificate.
  3. Your co-op or internship should account for no more than half of your complete program of study.
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