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Study in Ireland Cost for Indian Students: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re considering studying abroad, Ireland is a top destination that should be on your radar. Known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and world-class education system, it’s no wonder why so many international students flock to the Emerald Isle. However, like any overseas education endeavor, one crucial aspect you need to consider is the cost. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the study in Ireland cost for Indian students. We will explore tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, and more to help you make informed decisions about your academic journey.

Cost of Study in Ireland: At a Glimpse

When we talk about the cost of studying in Ireland, it is quintessential to take into account all the important aspects and elements like tuition fees, visa requirements, and accommodation. Let’s discuss some of the core elements of the cost that you may have to incur while studying in Ireland. Here is a table with all the important study in Ireland cost for Indian students

ElementAverage Expenses
Tuition Cost
- UG Courses

- PG Courses
€10,000-€25,000 (INR 8.94L-22.32L)

€9,950-€35,000 (INR 9,00,000-31,00,000) per year
Student Visa €60 (INR 5,280)
English Language Course€150-€950 (INR 13,000-80,000)
MBA €20,000-€35,000 (INR 17,53,200-30,68,100)
Masters €4,000-€9,000 (INR 3,50,624-7,88,940)
MBBSINR 24 lakhs (27,106 EUR) - INR 36 lakhs (40,659 EUR)
AccommodationOn-Campus Accommodation - €600 - €700

Off-campus 1 bedroom apt - €800 - €1,200
Monthly Campus Expense€300-€650
Transportation (monthly bus pass)

Food and Drink


Leisure Activities
€90 - €120

€100 - €250

€20 - €50

€70 - €80

Ireland's Education System Overview

Before we delve into the details of the expenses, it’s essential to understand what makes Ireland an attractive education destination. The country boasts a world-class education system with a strong emphasis on research and innovation. Here’s a brief overview of Ireland’s education system:

Ireland offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines, making it suitable for students with different academic interests.

The education system places a significant emphasis on research, innovation, and critical thinking, creating an intellectually stimulating environment for students.

Ireland’s universities consistently rank high in global education rankings, a testament to the quality of education offered.

The country’s strong economy and connection to global industries mean that graduates often find excellent job opportunities post-graduation.

Now, let’s dive into the details of the study in Ireland cost for Indian students.

Tuition fees in Ireland for international students

One of the primary factors that influence the cost of studying in Ireland is tuition fees. To give you a clearer picture of what to expect, we’ve broken down tuition fees of study in Ireland cost for Indian students

Top Universities in Ireland with cost for bachelor and master

When considering studying in Ireland, one of the most critical decisions is choosing the right university. Ireland boasts several prestigious institutions known for their academic excellence, research contributions, and commitment to providing a world-class education. Here, are some of the top universities in Ireland,  for study in bachelor Degree and study in master degree along with their avg fees: 

UniversityAvg Fees for Bachelor’sAvg Fees for Master’s
Trinity College Dublin€20,600 to €37,600€12,400 to €29,800
DCU Business School€10,800 to €12,600€18000
University College Cork€16,700 to €23,000€15,000 to €29,000
Griffith College€12,000€14,000
University of Galway€15,000 to €18,000€14,000 to €19,000
University College Dublin€16,800 to €25,600€16,650 to €35,800

Cost of Studying an MBA In Ireland

The cost of studying an MBA in Ireland varies depending on the university, the duration of the program, and the specialization chosen. However, on average, tuition fees for international students range from €13,000 to €36,000 per year.

Here is a table showing the tuition fees for MBA programs at some of the top universities in Ireland:

University      Tuition Fees (€)
Trinity College Dublin        37,494
University College Dublin  35,214
Dublin Business School12,750
Griffith College Dublin14,000
University College Cork    28,629

Tuition fee ranges for various fields of study Top Courses

When it comes to tuition fees in Ireland, they can vary depending on your chosen field of study and the level of your program. Here’s an overview of tuition fee ranges for various courses:

CoursesAvg UG FeesAvg PG Fees
Medicine and Health Sciences€39,500- €55,000€9,950 - €34,500
Engineering€9,850 - €25,500€9,950 - €25,000
Science & Technology€9,850 - €25,500€9,950 - €27,000
Arts & Humanities€9,850 - €19,500€9,950 - €19,000
Business€9,850 - €19,500€10,000 - €30,000

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Affordable Short-Term Certificate Courses in Ireland

If you’re looking for more affordable options, consider short-term certificate courses. These courses typically last for a few months and are designed to provide specialized skills. Here is a list of affordable courses with fees: 

CoursesAvg Fees
Digital Marketing395 EUR
Health & Safety Representation650 EUR
Bioprocess Engineering4500 EUR
Biopharmaceutical Processing6,450 EUR
Cleanroom Manufacturing4650 EUR
Biopharmaceutical Sciences5598 EUR

Scholarships and financial aid options

Ireland offers a range of scholarships and financial aid options for deserving students. These scholarships can significantly offset the study in Ireland cost for Indian students. Here are some notable scholarships and financial aid programs you should consider:

  1. The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship: The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship is designed for high-achieving students from non-EU/EEA countries. This scholarship is highly competitive and seeks to attract top-tier talent to Irish higher education institutions. It covers a significant portion of your tuition fees and is an excellent financial support option.
  2. The Walsh Fellowship: The Walsh Fellowship is an opportunity for students interested in agricultural and food research. This scholarship is ideal for those pursuing degrees in relevant fields and offers financial support to cover your education costs while contributing to important research projects.
  3. Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2020: The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship for 2020 is a program that supports outstanding students in pursuing postgraduate degrees. It offers funding for a wide range of courses and provides you with a chance to receive financial assistance in achieving your academic goals.
  4. FDC Group Scholarships for EU Students at University College Cork in Ireland, 2020: While specifically targeted at EU students, these scholarships represent the diverse range of financial aid available in Ireland. They are awarded based on merit and academic achievements and cover a substantial portion of your tuition fees.
  5. IAA Geoffrey O’Byrne White Memorial Funding for International Students in Ireland: This funding opportunity is named after Geoffrey O’Byrne White, the former CEO of the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). It’s open to international students and can be a significant financial support for your education, particularly if you’re pursuing degrees in aviation or related fields.
  6. Full MSc Food Security Policy and Management Scholarships in Ireland: For students with a passion for addressing global food security challenges, these scholarships cover the full tuition costs for an MSc in Food Security Policy and Management. It’s an excellent opportunity to specialize in a highly relevant field while receiving financial aid.
  7. Global Business Program Funding for Non-EU Students at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland: The Global Business Program offers funding opportunities for non-EU students interested in business studies. This is an example of how various fields have specialized scholarships designed to attract international talent to Ireland.

Note that the above tuition fees are just averages and will vary according to the university and program. Transglobal Overseas’s education consultants are here to support you with your study in Ireland cost every step of the way. With our expertise, you can confidently embark on your journey to study in Ireland. Contact us today!

Cost of Living in Ireland

The cost of living in Ireland can vary depending on your location and lifestyle. Here are some key components to consider to fully understand the study in Ireland cost for Indian students:

Accommodation Costs

Ireland offers various types of accommodation, including on-campus housing, off-campus apartments, and shared houses. Here’s an approximate range of accommodation costs per month:

  1. On-Campus Accommodation – €600 – €700
  2. Off-campus 1 bedroom apt – €800 – €1,200

Keep in mind that these are average figures, and costs may be higher in cities like Dublin and Cork. Sharing accommodation can significantly reduce living expenses.

Other Living Expenses

Apart from accommodation, you’ll also need to budget for other living expenses, such as:

  1. Transportation (monthly bus pass) – €90 – €120
  2. Food and Drink – €100 – €250
  3. Utilities – €20 – €50
  4. Leisure Activities – €70 – €80

Overall, you can expect to spend between €700 and €1,000 per month on living expenses, although this can vary based on your location and personal spending habits.

Student Visa Cost for Ireland

To study in Ireland, you’ll need a student visa. As of the latest information, here are the costs associated with obtaining an Irish student visa:

  • Visa Application Fee: The standard visa application fee is €71.00.

Please note that visa requirements and costs may change, so it’s essential to check the most up-to-date information on the official INIS website or through your nearest Irish embassy or consulate.

Job Opportunities in Ireland for various posts

Here are some specific examples of high-paying part-time professional jobs in Ireland (source):

  1. Accountant: € 4 587/ month
  2. Business analyst: € 5 000/ Month
  3. Marketing Manager: € 4 583/ Month
  4. Engineer: € 4 583/ Month
  5. Hotel Manager: € 3 333/ Month
  6. Software Engineer: € 5 625
  7. Data Analyst: € 4 167
  8. Project Manager: € 5 833

It is important to note that these are just estimates and your actual earnings may vary depending on your experience, skills, and the specific job you take on. Transglobal Overseas can guide you through the process of finding part-time job opportunities in Ireland. Contact us today to make the most of your time in Ireland.


Studying in Ireland offers an incredible opportunity to experience high-quality education, vibrant culture, and remarkable natural beauty. While there are several study in Ireland cost for Indian students involved, the country’s scholarships, part-time work opportunities, and post-study work options make it a feasible choice for Indian students.

Transglobal Overseas is here to guide you through the process of studying in Ireland. Our expert team can help you with university applications, visa procedures, and provide valuable insights into scholarship opportunities. Your educational journey begins with a single step.

Study in Ireland with Transglobal Overseas

Ready to embark on your academic adventure in Ireland? Transglobal Overseas is your trusted partner in this journey. We offer a range of services to ensure your study abroad experience is seamless:

  1. Work part-time while studying
  2. 2 years post-study work permit
  3. Quick process to get PR & become Irish citizen.
  4. Top-notch universities with affordable fees structure
  5. Scholarship varies from 2,000 to 10,000
  6. Application fees waiver off

FAQs Regarding "Study In Ireland Cost for Indian Students"

Study in Ireland cost For Indian Students in rupees ?

The cost of studying in Ireland in rupees varies depending on your program and university. On average, you can expect to pay between INR 10 to 20 lakhs per year for tuition fees. Keep in mind that living expenses and other costs should also be factored into your budget.

Cheapest universities in Ireland for International students

Some of the most affordable universities in Ireland for international students include:

  1. Technological University Dublin
  2. Dublin City University
  3. National University of Ireland Galway
  4. University College Cork
  5. University of Limerick

Which is better, Ireland or the UK?

Choosing between Ireland and the UK for your studies depends on your individual preferences and needs. Factors to consider include the cost of education, the quality of academic institutions, job opportunities, and your desired lifestyle. Careful research and consideration of your goals will help you make the right decision.

Can I get PR in Ireland after study?

Yes, you can potentially obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Ireland after completing your studies. One common route is to stay in Ireland for up to two years post-graduation for work or job hunting. If you meet the requirements during this period, you can apply for PR status.

Is Canada or Ireland cheaper to study?

The cost of studying in Canada and Ireland can vary based on your chosen program and university. In general, Canada is often considered a more cost-effective option for international students. However, specific costs can differ, so it’s crucial to compare the expenses associated with your preferred courses and institutions.

Taxation in Ireland

International students in Ireland are subject to the same income tax rules as Irish citizens. The income tax rate varies depending on your level of income, so it’s essential to understand your tax obligations and ensure compliance with the local tax authorities.

Health Support and Insurance Requirements

As an international student in Ireland, you are required to have health insurance. The most common way to obtain it is by purchasing a private policy. Unfortunately, the public health insurance scheme provided by the Irish government is not available to international students.

Part-Time work in Ireland

International students in Ireland can work part-time up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during holidays. Keep in mind that the minimum wage in Ireland is €10.50 per hour, which is an important factor to consider when budgeting your expenses.

Cost of Masters in Ireland for international students

The cost of a master’s degree in Ireland for international students varies by program and university. As a general guideline, you can anticipate spending between INR 15 to 25 lakhs per year for tuition fees. Make sure to consider additional expenses such as accommodation, living costs, and materials when planning your budget.