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A Complete Guide to Study MIM in Canada for Indian Students.

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If you want to study MIM in Canada, you must apply to the universities that offer programs associated with Masters in Management. The application process may include submitting transcripts and test scores like GMAT/ GRE, Letter of Intent, and Letter of Recommendation. Now the question arises: What does MIM (Master in Management) mean?

MIM is a postgraduate program that provides a degree related to general management studies related to Business Bachelor’s graduates. You can get MIM programs with a Master of Science and Master of Arts degree.

MIM is equivalent to an MBA that provides basic knowledge related to entrepreneurship and leadership. That’s why we’ve brought you our Canada Scholarship Program for our Indian students. In this blog, we’ll talk about Study MIM in Canada. Why Choose or Study MIM in Canada ? to Career opportunities after completing a Masters in Management in Canada.

Why Choose a Masters in Management in Canada?  

Study MIM in Canada to gain a world-class education system that offers a high standard of Life, affordable tuition fees, and the opportunity to work 20 hours per week. Canada Ranks No.1 in the world for the quality of Life it offers its International Students.

Studying MIM in Canada has shown an increasing growth rate; for programs like MIM, Canada is known for its top-notch business schools that offer MIM degrees, making it one of the best places for international students who opt for management studies.

As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the government seeks highly skilled individuals who will get placed in Canada, promoting its economic growth and leading to global competitiveness worldwide.

When it comes to affordability, Canada is cheaper than the US and UK, and its cost of living expense is lower than the US & UK, which helps its students to manage their finances effectively.

Canada is a bilingual country with both English & French as its official languages, offering two different cultural experiences like understanding Francophone culture and community in Canada. Also, check the reasons for studying in Canada.

MIM VS MBA in Canada: Which one is better?

To Study MIM in Canada or doing a Master in Management in Canada is a course that includes business theory, where students work with statistics, research, and data analysis. 

This course is perfect for recent graduates who want to learn and upskill their business knowledge and gain some managerial skills.

The main difference is that it provides in-depth education to familiarise students with management issues. Here, individuals with no work experience or less work experience can apply for the Master in Management degree. 

At the same time, in an MBA for eligibility, students must gain some relevant work experience before applying for an MBA.

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Academic Requirements to Study MIM in Canada

  • You must have been accepted by DLI – Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • You must fulfill the academic requirements for your chosen program.
  • Take English Language Proficiency tests, such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL.

What language proficiency exams do you need to take to study MIM in Canada?

  • IELTS: For Qualifying, The IELTS Score must be at least around (6.0-7.0). The IELTS test is designed for the Visa and Immigration Process.
  • TOEFL: For TOEFL, the Score must be around at least (85-100) The duration of the test is around 4 hours, taken either online or paper-based test
  • PTE: The Score must be around at least (65-70) for PTE. The test is Organized by CRELLA.
  • CAEL: For CAEL, the Score must be around (65-70). It consists of 40% in reading and the other for three sections is, 20%

What documents are required to Study MIM in Canada?

  • Academic Transcripts, CV, resume, LOR- Letter of Recommendation
  • SOP- Statement of purpose, IELTS/ TOEFL GMAT/ GRE, Work Ex. Certificate (if any)
  • Reference Letter

Cost of Studying MIM in Canada

The cost incurred for a Masters in Management in Canada ranges from CAD 15000 to 70000 every year, totally depending on the school and programs chosen by the student.

The cost of living in Canada depends on the student’s lifestyle and choices. The estimated cost for studying in Canada for international students is 15000 – 20000 CAD.

Scholarships for Masters in Management in Canada

Students who are interested in studying MIM in Canada can apply for different scholarships. The no. of scholarships are given below.

1) Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

The Scholarship is applicable for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

Scholarship per student: 10000 USD

2) QS Undergraduate Scholarship

Here at QS World Merit, the World Merit Charity Organization and Quacquarelli Symonds jointly award QS World Merit Scholarships, which are meant for tuition fees.

Scholarship per student: $5000

3) Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships:

The Scholarship is useful for a Master’s Degree for all universities in the US and Canada. 

Scholarship per student: Upto 2 Million INR

4) Jared J. Davis Grant

Here, a Scholarship is given to the Students who write an essay as part of the Application process.

Scholarship per student: $1000

5) Ontario Graduate Scholarships – Other Master Programs

This is offered when you’re pursuing an MASc in Aerospace Science and Engineering,  MSc in Artificial Intelligence, or MS in Computer Science.

Scholarship per student: 5000 CAD

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Career Opportunities after Master’s in Management (MIM) in Canada

To, Study MIM in Canada is one of the best options available for students who are interested and looking for professional growth. There are several other career opportunities available after completing a Masters in Management in Canada

  1. Project Management: MIM graduates hold strong project management skills, and they can pursue their careers as project managers. The starting Salary for Project Managers is 83000 CAD.
  2. Business Development and consulting: MIM graduates work for consulting firms responsible for managing operations.The starting Salary for Business Development and consulting is 91000 CAD.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Startups: MIM Graduates are skilled in entrepreneurship, which motivates students and graduates to start their startups, as Canada provides a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs with abundant resources, funding, and mentorship is available.The starting salary for startup employees in Canada is 98779, for entry-level is 43457 CAD, and for entrepreneurs at private companies ranges from 115000 to 124000 CAD.
  4. Management Analyst: Management Skills involve critical thinking, analytical skills, communication, problem-solving abilities, and business understanding. The starting salary is around $65000-$150000.
  5. Supply chain Analyst: As a Supply Chain Analyst, you need strong analytical skills, an understanding of supply chain processes, and the ability to work with data. The starting salary is around $50,000-$75000.
  6. Marketing Coordinator: Marketing Coordinators are responsible for managing and coordinating various marketing materials. The starting salary of a Marketing Coordinator is  $40,000-$60000.
  7. Human Resources: MIM Graduates are responsible and involved in the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and placement of workers. The starting salary is $45000- $70000.
  8. Financial Analysts: Financial Analysts are known for playing a crucial role in analysing market conditions; financial analysts work in various sectors like banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies. The starting salary of a Financial Analyst is $60000-$100000.
  9. Sales Manager: Sales Managers are known for handling the sales team and managing the sales target. The starting salary is around $60000-$120000.

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5 Top Notch Universities & Colleges to Study MIM in Canada

1) Queen’s University- Smith School of Business (Kingston)

It offers business education to Undergraduates degree, Graduates, and other executive Programs, as it focuses on the academic curriculum and experimental with collaborative learning that provides a strong connection between alumni and several,

Other Industries, i.e., based on their strong corporate relations, which is why Smith School of Business is considered one of the best colleges to study MIM in Canada. Smith in Canada ranks at no 1. 

Official Sitehttps://smith.queensu.ca/
AddressGoodes Hall, 143 Union St, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6, Canada
Phone No.+1 613-533-2301
Exams requiredTOEFL, PTE, IELTS, GMAT, GRE
International Students2946
Accommodation Expenses8023 CAD
Course Duration12 months or 1 year
Course Fee15200 CAD

2) University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management 

The University of Toronto has three campuses, the main one being St. George. The other two campuses are located in Scarborough and Mississauga.

The University of Toronto has a 43% acceptance rate and offers more than 700 UG and 200 PG courses for International students. The fee structure for Indian Students is INR 36 Lakhs for the UG course and INR 28 Lakhs for the PG course.

The University of Toronto Graduation rate was 78.5% in 2021 and in 2020 it was 77.1%

As per the University data, 97% of students have secured 97% for full-time MBA.

Rotman School at the University of Toronto has 70% plus.

Students in MBA classes have at least 5 years of work experience, and their GMAT scores were around 672. The average GPA of those students who were admitted was 88%, with B+ grades. To study MIM in Canada, the Rotman School of Management is considered one of the best Colleges for Undergraduates.

Here at Rotman, you can work for 18 months while you’re studying. As per reports of Universities around the world, it Ranks at No.12, Ranks at No.1 in Canada, and 3rd in Europe; as per QS International Trade Ranking, it ranks at 12

Official Sitehttps://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/
Address105 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 3E6, Canada
Phone No.+1 416-978-5703
Exams requiredIELTS, TOEFL
International Students19187
 Accommodation ExpensesFor UG 2, Sharing is 14030 CAD

For PG 2, Sharing is 12048 CAD
Meal Expense for PG5830 CAD
Course Duration12 months or 1 year
Course Fee76260 CAD

3) McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management 

As per the World University Ranking 2024, McGill University Ranks 49 in the world and 30 in the QS Ranking 2024. McGill’s MBA full-time employment statistics for 2023 were 73% of graduates within 3 months of graduation, and 92 % of graduates got placed within 6 months.

The acceptance rate of McGill University is between 46-56%, whereas international students require a 3.0 GPA. To study MIM in Canada, Desautels Faculty of Management is highly recommended for students who are interested in doing a Master’s in Management in Canada.

Enrolling for a Master in Management in Canada offers a Superb business education to its students. It ranks 13th in the World University Ranking for Masters in Business Analyst 2024 and 27th in the QS International Trade Ranking. 

Official Sitehttps://www.mcgill.ca/desautels/
Address1001 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1G5, Canada
Phone No.+1 514-398-4000
Exams requiredIELTS, TOEFL, GRE
International Students12052
Accommodation ExpensesFor UG 1, Sharing is 10832 CAD

For PG 1, Sharing is 6370 CAD
Meal ExpenseFor UG 6200 CAD/ For PG 2600 CAD 
Course Duration12 months or 1 year
Course Fee54990 CAD

4) Western University – Ivey Business School

As per the QS World University Ranking, Western University ranks 114, coming from 128 nations, and 5000 International Students are studying here. Meanwhile, Ivey Business School stands at 49th rank, as released by QS World University Rankings 2024, in the field of Masters in Management in Canada.

To study MIM in Canada, Ivey Business School is considered and known for its student culture, where students come in large numbers to do a Masters in Management in Canada.

Ivey Business School has almost 80% of students receiving scholarships upon their admission.

Official Sitehttps://www.ivey.uwo.ca/
Address1255 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 0N1, Canada
Phone No.+1 519-661-3206
Exams requiredIELTS, PTE, TOEFL
International Students12052
Accommodation ExpensesFor UG 1 sharing 10832 CAD

For PG 1 sharing 6370 CAD
Meal ExpensesFor UG 6200 CAD/ For PG 2600 CAD
Course Duration16 Months
Course Fee73,800 CAD

5) Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia

To Study MIM in Canada, the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia offers 9 months of courses with a primary stream in Business & Management Studies. The tuition fees include 53147 CAD for international students. The cutoff ratio for admission is around 65%. 

Official Sitehttps://www.sauder.ubc.ca/
Address2053 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2, Canada
Phone No.+1 604-822-8500
Exams requiredIELTS, TOEFL, PTE
International Students17225
Accommodation ExpensesFor UG 1, Sharing is 3949 CAD

For PG 1, Sharing is 3685 CAD
Meal ExpenseFor UG 6950 CAD/ For PG 6120 CAD 
Course Duration9 Months
Course Fee55805 CAD

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Application Process for Masters in Management in Canada

To study MIM in Canada, here is the step-by-step guide.

  1. Research and Choose a Program for doing a Masters in Management in Canada
    To study MIM in Canada, you can reach our Canada Education Consultants and have a free consultation with Transglobal Overseas so that you can get detailed information related to the Application Process.There are different other programs and Universities to select. Look at the options that fit right for you. Also, check out how to research the best courses & Universities.
  2. Check Eligibility & Application details for Masters in Management in Canada
    After researching and selecting the Program and University. You must fulfill eligibility criteria that involve English proficiency, academics, and other requirements.
  3. Gather documents that fulfill the eligibility Criteria.
    Submitting documents that fulfill the eligibility criteria involves an academic transcript, CV/Resume, SOP, LOR, and other tests that are related to the English Proficiency test such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE (if any).
  4. Apply to Study MIM in Canada
    Apply to the University/ College that fulfills the eligibility criteria. By making the payment online .It can be easily done, but sometimes the application process may get complicated, to avoid that situation you can connect with Transglobal Overseas.
  5. Wait for an Offer Letter
    Till the time being, you’ve applied for the offer letter, The University will send you an offer letter, which is the formal document.
  6. Apply for a student visa.
    After being accepted by a particular university, you need to apply for a study permit from IRCC.
    The Canada Study Visa application process can be a bit complex, in that case, you can connect our counsellors.
  7. Visa Approval.
    The moment your Visa gets approved, you will receive your Canada student Visa via mail. Visa is valid until your studies are over or the course of completion is done.
  8. Booking Tickets, Arrangements for travelling, and accommodation.
    The moment you’ve received your study permit, look for the prerequisites i.e. travel and accommodation, which needs to be done foremost.

Get in touch with us and take the first step today to achieve your dream of studying in Canada!


 A Master’s in Management is solely for recent graduates, while an MBA requires prior work experience. Canada offers top MIM programs with affordable tuition and a Quality of Life. The top universities in Canada offer different career opportunities like project management, Business Development, entrepreneurship, and many more.


Who should consider a MIM program in Canada?

For students who want to kick start their career as soon as they graduate, they can move and study MIM in Canada. A Master in Management in Canada is a one-year course that doesn’t require any prior work experience for the admission process which makes it easy for our Indian Students to take admission in Canada for programs like MIM.

What are the top specializations in MIM?

Masters in Management in Canada offers top specializations where you can study MIM in Canada are General Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources Management, Economics, Health Management, Supply Chain Management, International Business, Marketing and Consumer Studies, Sustainable Leisure Management, Data Science and Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, etc.

Can I get into MIM without the GMAT?

Doing a Masters in Management in Canada without GMAT is possible; these universities/ colleges ask for their practical experience, academic achievements, and personal statements over Standardised test scores so that you can Study MIM in Canada.

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What is the 2-year MIM program in Canada?

Doing a Masters in Management in Canada typically ranges from 12 to 16 months of duration. So, there are no 2 years of the program as such where you can study MIM in Canada.

What are the top management courses in Canada

Apart from doing a Master in Management in Canada or studying MIM in Canada, the top management courses that Canada has to offer are Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Management (MMgt), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Diploma in Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Global Management, Master of Human Resource Management, Master of Supply Chain Management, Master of Management Analytics.

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