Pre-departure Briefing at Transglobal Overseas Education

The decision to study abroad itself is a big decision for a student and parents. Most of the students are found travelling to a foreign land the first time for study purpose. There are many questions and queries revolving in the mind of students related to air tickets, airline services, rules related to luggage, pre-departure, post-departure, things allowed and not allowed to carry along, and more. The Pre-departure Briefing provides answer and clarification to all the relevant queries and questions.

Quick Facts

1. Pre-departure Briefing at Transglobal Overseas Education is a very important part of the admission process. 

     2. We have experienced and professional counsellors to brief students and other applicants travelling for the first time overseas. 

     3. Living abroad can be both rewarding and at times difficult. 

     4. To ensure that you are informed and prepared before you travel abroad, we arrange a pre-departure event to solve all pre-departure related queries. 

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How we do Pre-departure Briefing?

     • We provide the pre-departure briefing helpful for the students in getting an idea about the essentials needed while pursuing higher studies in their dream country.

     • All things that need to be kept in mind before you fly to your dream country will be made available to you by us. 

     • ‘Pre-Departure Briefing’ includes all the aspects of travel and the minimum time of staying in that country.

     • We also arrange regular sessions to make you aware of the detailed immigration process and give a preview of a student’s life in a foreign country you are flying to.


Moreover, you can interact with our alumni who have studied at different foreign universities. They help provide an overview of the lifestyle and culture in different parts of the world and what all preparations you need to do while going for higher studies in that particular country. Pre-departure Briefing at Transglobal Overseas Education is aimed at making your travel and study abroad experience memorable for you. 

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