Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia

Study in Australia today has proved to be a good choice on account of several favorable reasons. The quality of education facilitated at the universities located in Australia has become matchless. Today, there are many world-ranked universities and colleges along with business schools in the top list. 

Students prefer study from Australia because of the uncompromised education quality at a pocket-friendly expense. There are many scholarships also announced for eligible candidates. The Medium of teaching in Australia for international students in English. There are no donations and hidden charges. The campuses have an engaging environment for concentrated studies. 

There are many answers to the question of why study in Australia. The growing number of students seeking admission to Undergraduate in Australia, Masters in Australia, and MBA in Australia, MBBS in Australia, and other courses have made Australia the top international destination for international students looking to study abroad. We as reliable study abroad education consultants in Delhi provide documentation and admission support throughout the year. 

Students can connect with the expert counselors at Transglobal Overseas Education Consultants anytime!

Timelines and Visa Processing

If you plan to study in Australia, you would have to apply to the University of your choice. You will then receive a Student VISA from the Australian government. Look for the options by May-June before the year for which you wish to apply. Search for the institutions which suit best for your chosen programs, your academic record, and most importantly your budget. After deciding the course and universities, the next thing is the application process. 

One can apply to universities in the following ways:

One can apply directly to the university by the means of the online application form or download the form send it to the administration office. 

There are different education consultants for Australian institutions situated in many countries like India, China, etc. You would have to make a file that has all the required documents for the application procedure. Contact the experienced education consultants in Delhi who would provide you with further details regarding the application procedure. You would be able to find the information about the authorized admission consultants on various educational websites. We at Transglobal Overseas provide consulting and admission support for universities based in several developed nations in the world. Students can connect with us for the current session or upcoming session study in Australiaadmission solution!  

Australia - at a Glance

Australia is regarded as being among the most dynamic and accepting countries on the planet. Nearly half (47%) of Australia’s people were born overseas or have one parent who was born abroad, and more than 260 languages have been spoken in People’s homes. Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, and Greek are the most popular languages, other than English.

Australia is the world’s largest nation, the sixth-largest nation by land area, and the only nation to rule an entire region. There are over 500 nature reserves and over 2,700 protected areas, varying from nature reserves to Indigenous reserves. Most of the people around the globe know that Australia is an amazing nation with the best world-class living. Their education system is one of the best in the world. People are friendly and help each other. 

Quick Facts

          1. About 700,000 international students are studying in Australia

          2. 6 top universities in top world’s 100 universities is in Australia

          3. It is the 3rd top study abroad destinations

          4. Over A$300 million scholarships by Australian government for international students

          5. Australia has produced more than 2.5 million international alumni.

6.Capital: Canberra

7.Largest city: Sydney

8. National language: English

9. Religion (2016): 52.1% Christianity

                                       30.1% No religion

                                       2.6% Islam

                                       2.4% Buddhism

                                       1.9% Hinduism

                                       0.5% Sikhism

                                       0.4% Judaism

                                       0.4% Other

10. Area (Total): 7,692,024 km2 (2,969,907 sq mi) (6th)

11. Population:  25,780,900  (53rd)

12. GDP:  $1.416 trillion (18th)

13. Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

14. Time zone: UTC+8; +9.5; +10 (Various)

15. Summer (DST): UTC+8; +9.5; +10; +10.5; +11 (Various)

Frequently Asked Questions

Students with a subclass 500 visa are permitted to work 40 hours per week during the school year and full-time during their holidays. Doctoral students are permitted to work full-time throughout the academic year.
Is it true that Australian qualifications are accepted all around the world?

Yes, Australian degrees are recognised around the world and are respected for their high educational standards.

Apart from the numerous scholarships granted by several Australian Universities to international students, Australia offers a diverse range of study opportunities with over 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from.

Only if the gap can be justified with sufficient documentation will it accepted.

While your school is in session, most student visas enable you to work up to 40 hours every two weeks, and you can work as much as you want during your holiday.

Yes, internships are available in Australia, but only for specific courses. Internships in Australia for international students might be paid or unpaid, depending on the industry and duration of the internship. Internships are a fantastic way to get hands-on experience in your field of study.

The Australian Government, educational institutions, and a variety of other public and private organisations offer a variety of scholarships, grants, and bursaries to assist international students with their studies in Australia.

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