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Top Universities in Canada Offering MBA without GMAT/GRE.

Are you looking for an MBA in Canada without GMAT/GRE? You don’t have to worry! Universities in Canada offer top-notch MBA programs that don’t require these standardized tests, so this is the best opportunity you can grab. Are you the one? who’s been passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. These Universities in Canada believe in Multifaceted individuals, who have strong work ethics.  Whether you’ve just completed your college or have few years of work experience or no experience at all, an MBA in Canada will be a perfect fit for you. If exams aren’t your cup of tea, we’ve got alternatives! Think about the promotions you’ve successfully attained. Consider the projects you’ve managed or the inventive ideas you brought to the table.  It is all about presenting your aptitude through LOR—letters of Recommendation, essays, and, of course, that wholesome winning personality. That’s why Transglobal Overseas has brought you the ultimate guide to study Masters in Canada for Indian Students. In this piece of Content, we’ll discuss Top MBA Universities to the Increasing Trend of Universities Waiving the GMAT Requirement. So, without wasting your time, let’s just Scroll!

Top Universities in Canada Offering MBA Programs Without GMAT/GRE

Top UniversitiesQS World Ranking
University of Toronto21
McGill University30
Western University114
McMaster University189
Queen’s University209
Concordia University387
Wilfrid Laurier University551 - 600
Vancouver Island University1001-1200
Brock University1201 - 1400
Saint Mary’s University1708

Top 10 Business Schools & Universities

1) Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto

Rotman School of Management offers an MBA program at the University of Toronto. It has a strict admission policy with an acceptance rate of 70%. It is considered one of the best universities in Canada. The Rotman School of Management is recommended as one of the best colleges for Undergraduates, plus those who want to study for an MBA in Canada without GMAT. Ranks at No.1 in Canada and 3rd in Europe; as per QS International Trade Ranking, it ranks at 12

Official Site https://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/
Address105 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 3E6, Canada
Phone No.+1 416-978-5703
Course Duration12 months or 1 year
Course Fee76260 CAD
Exams requiredIELTS, TOEFL
International Students19,187
Accommodation Expenses 14030 CAD For 2 Sharing UG

12048 CADFor 2 Sharing is PG
Meal Expense for PG5830 CAD

2) Desautels Faculty of Management – McGill University

Enrolling for an MBA in Canada without GRE/GMAT offers a Superb business education to its students. It ranks 13th in the World University. The acceptance rate of McGill University is between 46-56%, whereas international students require a 3.0 GPA  To study an MBA in Canada without GMAT, Desautels Faculty of Management is highly recommended for International students who are looking to be admitted to MBA programs, which is why it is considered one of the best MBA colleges in Canada.

Official Sitehttps://www.mcgill.ca/desautels/
Address1001 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1G5, Canada
Phone No.+1 514-398-4000
Course Duration12 months or 1 year
Course Fee54990 CAD
Exams requiredIELTS, TOEFL, GRE
International Students12,052
Accommodation Expenses10832 CAD For 1 Sharing UG 

6370 CAD For 1 Sharing is PG
Meal ExpensesFor UG 6200 CAD/ For PG2600 CAD

3) Ivey Business School – Western University in Canada.

It is known for its exceptional teaching practices. In addition to classes and passive learning, students become part of a work-focused environment by attending training classes throughout the academic year. For admission, students need to submit their GMAT or GRE scores. On the other hand, there is a possibility of a GMAT waiver if students have received more than 160 scores in LSAT plus those who have passed three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam.

Official Sitehttps://www.ivey.uwo.ca/
Address1255 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 0N1, Canada
Phone No.+1 519-661-3206
Course Duration16 months
Course Fee126,600 CAD
Exams required IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo
International Students12,052
Accommodation Expenses9,570 CAD For 2 sharing UG

14,640 CAD For PG 2 sharing PG
Meal ExpensesFor UG 3870 CAD/ For PG 3870 CAD

4) DeGroote Business School – McMaster University

During the program and after completing their master’s for two years, applicants have the opportunity to jump-start their careers by applying for internships.  It is considered one of the best business schools for doing an MBA in Canada without the GMAT. Students who want to be admitted to an MBA program need to submit their GMAT or GRE scores. 

Official Sitehttps://www.degroote.mcmaster.ca/
AddressMichael G. DeGroote School of Business, 1280 Main St W, Hamilton
Phone No.+1 905-525-9140
Course Duration20 months
Course FeeCAD 111,300
Exams requiredIELTS, TOEFL, PTE
International Students2823
Accommodation Expenses6250 CAD for 4 sharing UG

6250 CAD for 4 sharing PG
Meal ExpensesFor UG 5120 CAD/ For PG 5120 CAD

 5) Smith School of Business-Queen’s University

Smith School offers an MBA program at Queen’s University. Before that, students have the option of getting trained in Pre-MBA. Training involves introducing essential elements of business studies to students as part of Pre-MBA. GMAT/GRE Scores are required for admission; however, students who have outstanding credentials and academic achievements can only enroll with them. Students must submit English language proficiency tests, such as the TOEFL/ IELTS, to be admitted to the Smith School of Business.

Official Sitehttps://smith.queensu.ca/
AddressGoodes Hall, 143 Union St, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6, Canada
Phone No.+1 613-533-2301
Course Duration12 months
Course Fee85,000 CAD
Exams requiredTOEFL, PTE, IELTS, GMAT, GRE
International Students2946
Accommodation Expenses8023 CAD

6) John Molson School – Concordia University 

Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business offers an MBA program that is two years long and full-time. The tuition fee for an MBA is $47,900. The most required English proficiency language tests are IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, and PTE. The Graduation Cutoff for admission at Concordia is three out of four. Also, check out how much it costs to study in Canada.

Official Sitehttps://www.concordia.ca/jmsb.html
LocationQuebec, Canada
Course Duration16 months
Course Fee48,000 CAD
Exams requiredTOEFL, PTE, IELTS, GMAT, GRE
International StudentsCAD 41,300
Accommodation Expenses7,320 CAD

7) Lazaridis School of Business and Economics-  Wilfrid Laurier University

It is one of the most competitive institutes available in Canada. It is also the first business school to offer a full-time master’s in business administration for a single year. It provides different specializations, such as accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, and financial management. A four-year degree in business and economics is required for admission. The institute can waive the GMAT requirement. If the student has received 550 GMAT scores, they can be converted to GRE format. Students who have earned CFA level 1 scores can also apply for this MBA program.

Official Sitehttps://www.wlu.ca/academics
Address64 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L 3C7, Canada
Phone No.+1 519-884-1970
Course Duration12 months
Course FeeCAD 45,000
Exams requiredTOEFL, PTE, IELTS
International Students2946
Accommodation Expenses7779 CAD for 2 sharing UG/PG
Meal Expense6796 CAD for UG/PG

8) Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University offers an MBA program to students who are looking to study for an MBA in Canada without the GMAT/GRE, as no GMAT exam is required for admission to this program. Completing an MBA takes less than two years. Students also get four months of summer Internship, which is included in the curriculum. Courses offered by Vancouver Island include Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting, Technology, and Research.

Official Sitehttps://www.viu.ca/
Address900 Fifth St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5, Canada
Phone No+1 250-753-3245
Course Duration16 months
Course Fee35,000 CAD
Exams requiredTOEFL, PTE, IELTS
International Students2539
Accommodation Expenses4800 CAD for 1 sharing UG 

4800 CAD for 1 sharing PG
Meal Expenses4500 CAD UG,/4500 CAD PG

9) Goodman School of Business – Brock University

Goodman School of Business at Brock University offers an MBA in Canada without a GMAT/GRE. It focuses on student education with Co-op and gives options like service learning. Every year, Brock University honors students and awards almost $11 million in prizes and bursaries at Good Schools of Business.

Official Sitehttps://brocku.ca/goodman/
Address1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1, Canada
Phone No.+1 905-688-5550
Course Duration12 months
Course Fee43,500 CAD
International Students2584
Accommodation Expenses14470 CAD

10) Sobey Schools of Business- Saint Mary’s University

Sobey Schools of Business provides programs like MBA in Canada without GMAT. These programs also include leadership that involves you in multicultural, International business experiences that will alter and nurture your inventive abilities and entrepreneurial mindset.  Here, you will be part of a strong network built by experienced global batchmates. You will work with fellow students and an extended network of Alumni.  After completing the MBA, you’re all set for new job opportunities, roles, and responsibilities.

Official Sitehttps://www.smu.ca/sobey/
Address903 Robie St, Halifax, NS B3H 3C2, Canada
Phone No+1 902-420-5422
Course Duration12 months
Course Fee36,000 CAD
Exams requiredTOEFL, PTE, IELTS, GMAT, GRE
International Students2144
Accommodation Expenses6875 CAD for 2 sharing UG

8685 CAD for 1 sharing PG
Meal Expenses5920 CAD UG, 5918 CAD PG

Types of Programs: MBA in Canada without GMAT

Types of ProgramDuration of the course
Full-time MBA2 years of MBA
Executive MBA12 to 24 months
One year MBA1 year of MBA
MBA with Co-op28 months Full-time
Part-time MBAGenerally, it takes 3-4 years to complete; students who take 1-2 semesters per year.

Benefits of Studying for an MBA in Canada without GMAT/GRE

  1. Climbing the Career ladder: Studying for an MBA in Canada without the GMAT requirement often offers faster attainment of a degree, which takes 12 to 18 months compared to traditional MBA programs. It will speed up your career opportunities and goals, and you will be able to enter Canada’s dynamic job market.
  2. Post-Graduation Work Permit Eligibility with Higher ROI: If you are pursuing an MBA in Canada without GMAT/GRE, you will be able to acquire valuable work experience in Canada with the help of a Post-Graduation Work Permit. This experience will work as a catalyst towards PR, i.e., Permanent Residency and career advancement in Canada.
  3. Cultural Diversity: The Business School of Canada offers diverse cultures that foster an environment where you will be able to gain indispensable exposure and build a strong network of International Colleagues.
  4. Cost-efficient: It provides high-quality education at a very low cost compared to other countries like the US and UK.
  5. Global Market Expertise: It offers a robust international trade presence. An MBA from Canada University prepares you to upskill and gives you the proper knowledge to guide the complexities of global market conditions.
  6. Permanent Residency & High-Quality Life: Offers outstanding quality of life, multicultural diversity, i.e., society, offering immigration policies, where you’ll be enjoying a safe and secure environment while advancing your professional career. Also, check out PR courses in Canada.
  7. Scholarship Available: Some students are offered Scholarships, especially for International students or scholars, in the form of financial aid that helps reduce the cost of their MBA program or education. 
  8. Specialized MBA Programs Available: Many other MBA programs offer specializations in different areas, such as International business or finance. You can select any program that can help you grow and advance your professional career development.

Admission Requirements for MBA Programs Without GMAT

The requirements for English proficiency in language test scores to study for an MBA in Canada without GMAT/GRE are IELTS, PTE, Bachelor’s degree or marks, Work Experience, and Application Portfolio.

  1. IELTS: 6.5 overall, with no band less than 6.0
  2.  PTE: 60 overall, with no section less than 55
  3. Bachelor’s marks: On a scale of 3 out of 4 or 70 to 75% (Undergraduate degree). Some programs may accept 2.7 out of 3.0 or higher than this.
  4. Work Experience: Most programs require 2-3 years of professional experience.
  5. Compelling Application Package: This includes a resume, essays, and recommendation letters.

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Affordable MBA Programs in Canada without GMAT

  1. When it comes to affordability, then Thompson River University is one of the cheapest universities. The tuition fee is 9 lakh or CAD 16,139
  2. Vancouver Island University is also one of the cheapest universities where you can study for an MBA in Canada without the GMAT/ GRE. The tuition fee is 31 lakhs or 51,408 CAD.
  3. Lakehead University is also considered one of the cheapest universities in Canada to study for an MBA without the GMAT/GRE. The tuition fee is 25 lakhs or 42,000 CAD.
  4. When it comes to affordability, the New York Institute of Technology is known for its cheapest rate for studying for an MBA in Canada without the GMAT/GRE. The tuition fee is 28 lakhs or 46200 CAD.
  5. Wilfrid Laurier University is also considered one of the cheapest universities in Canada to study an MBA without a GMAT. The tuition fee is 30 lakhs or 49738 CAD.

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Tips for Applying to MBA Programs Without GMAT

Here are some condensed tips for applying to MBA programs without the GMAT:

  1. Shine academically: High GPA & relevant coursework are key.
  2. Work experience is a plus: Quantify achievements or highlight strong extracurriculars.
  3. Craft a winning application: Craft a winning application. Include a personal statement, strong recommendations, and a polished resume. The resume should showcase your business achievements.
  4. Target the right schools: Target the right schools. Look for programs with GMAT waivers or those that value work experience less.
  5. Consider alternatives: Explore the GRE if you’ve already taken it.
  6. Prepare for English tests (TOEFL/IELTS) if needed.

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Do you need work experience to study MBA in Canada without GMAT? 

No, you don’t need work experience to get an MBA in Canada without the GMAT. Some of the points are  There are quite a few universities in Canada that offer MBA programs that require work experience or prior GMAT scores. Some of these top universities are Vancouver Island University, Thompson University, Lakehead University, and Goodman School of Business -Brock University. These Universities provide flexibility with an emphasis on practical business Knowledge. Also, check out part-time jobs in Canada.

  1. Studying MBA in Canada without GRE or GMAT opens the door for students. 
  2. Making the application process more efficient.
  3. By Providing cost-effective options for the Post Graduation Work Permit program.
  4. Enabling the eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit program.

The Increasing Trend of Universities Waiving the GMAT Requirement for MBA Programs

The growing trend for the top MBA programs in Canada is increasingly offering GMAT waivers to students who can submit alternative language test scores for admission. 

  • According to CBIE, the Canadian Bureau for International Education, there is a growing trend among Canadian universities to waive the GMAT requirement for MBA programs.
  • As per CBIE, many Canadian institutes/universities or business schools offer MBA programs without GMAT scores, which makes them more accessible to students who are looking for or interested in admission to various MBA programs.
  • Universities like Smith Schools of Business -Queen’s University, Schulich School of Business – York University, Thompson Rivers University, Odette School of Business (University of Windsor)
  • Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto, Ivey Business School – Western University.

As per CBIE research, students must meet the eligibility criteria for these GMAT waivers, i.e., 3.0 GPA or higher in an Undergraduate degree / 2-3 years of work experience, Strong CV/ Resume, Outstanding LOR, High Scores on Alternative exams like IELTS and PTE (if GRE) The report suggests that this trend makes MBA programs in Canada more accessible and attracts large numbers of International students who have not performed well in their GMAT Exams or have not taken the GMAT but have excellent academics and professional backgrounds, which allows international students to come and study high-quality MBA Program in Canada. 


What is the MBA graduate salary in Canada?

Annual Salary packages ranging from CAD 75,550 to CAD 154,400 translate to approximately INR 45.6 Lakhs to INR 93.2 Lakhs.

Can I do a Master's in Marketing in Canada without a GMAT?

Yes, some Canadian universities allow admission into an MBA without a GMAT and work experience. Some of these universities are Thompson Rivers University and Cape Breton University. Others include Brock University and Vancouver Island University.

Is an MBA in finance in Canada available?

Yes, an MBA is widespread in Canada, especially in Finance. The New York Institute of Technology, Canada, offers this program, which is highly appealing to international students. NYIT Canada is in Vancouver and provides unique access to industry leaders and internships. Choosing an MBA in Finance in Canada at NYIT Canada grants excellent networking and practical learning opportunities.

Is there 1 year MBA in Canada?

Yes, Canada offers a one-year MBA program. It’s popular with international students who seek a business education, and it is for professionals who want to advance their careers without taking a long break from work.  

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