Part-Time Jobs for International Students

Are you planning to study abroad? You must be quite worried, whether you can settle yourself in a part-time job out there or not? Most of the students, who aspire to go for a foreign education, are always searching for opportunities to earn extra cash along with their studies. Since overseas students are entitled to work for 20 hours a week, they want to make the best out of this overwhelming earning opportunity. 

Finding a job, both on-campus and off-campus is not a difficult proposition. With a little try, you can quickly find a job for yourself. Here are a few jobs that you can think of taking up while studying in a foreign university:

     1. Baby Sitter – This is a cool on-campus job that most female students would definitely like to give a try. Many employees out there in the university and this includes the administrative staff apart from the professors offer college students the opportunity for babysitting. Babysitters can gather anywhere $20 to $30 doing this job. Moreover, there is flexibility too in this job. 

    2. Library Executive or Monitor – If you consider yourself disciplined and balanced, then this is the part-time job that you easily get when you study in a foreign university. In the capacity of Library Monitor or Library Executive, you are expected to maintain good discipline in the library, and supervise the places of study.

    3. Student Support Assistant – The job is suitable for those students who have a suave personality and great disposition.  The students can work under the supervision of student support and help the new students to learn about the college and university. Basically, the role of assistant out here is to create a cordial atmosphere for the students such that they enjoy their living and studies.

   4. Tour Guide – Campuses in the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada have this culture of organizing campus tours, which is a unique way of knowing the campus. This part-time job is good for students who are outspoken, candid, and have the ability to call spade a spade. You can be the rightful tour guide for new students and those who have enrolled in the college for a fresh session.  It is a great part-time job, which is worthy of transforming your personality into a whole new identity, where you are definitely branding ambassador of your college or university.

   5. Teaching Assistant – For someone who is devoted towards his or her studies, there is the role of “Teaching Fellow” and/or “Teaching Assistant”. In this case, you can always reach out to your professor, and discuss the opportunity with him. If he is really willing to offer the opportunity, grab it immediately without asking him/her the next question.

    6.  Barista – Working as a Barista requires skills, and if you have liked coffee, or espresso, or tea, or other non-alcoholic beverages, definitely, you need to apply for the job right away. And as there are many opportunities available on the campus and nearby campus, there is definitely no dearth for you.


These are only a few types of part-time engagements that overseas students can look around while they are enrolled in the college/university. However, in case the students have extraordinary skills, their part-time job may also give them an opportunity to earn more in comparison to other students. Check out with global education consultants for the part-time job opportunities available on overseas campuses.  


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