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UK PM Drops Plan to Limit Student Visas

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has decided to drop a plan that would have made it harder for students from other countries to get visas to study in the UK. This change of heart came after a lot of people got upset about the idea.

The original plan was to reduce the number of visas given to students from other countries after they finished their studies. But many people didn’t like this idea. They thought it was unfair and could stop clever students from coming to study in the UK.

Sanam Arora, who leads a group called NISAU, said to The Guardian newspaper that the most talented students might choose to go to other countries instead if the plan went ahead.

The Prime Minister heard all the complaints and decided to back down. He said the UK wants to keep its doors open to students from around the world. This decision was welcomed by many who think it’s important for the UK to welcome students from different places.

The UK has some really good universities and has always been a popular choice for students from other countries. By keeping its doors open, it can continue to attract clever students who bring new ideas and skills.
So, in the end, the Prime Minister’s decision to scrap the plan is good news for students, universities, and the UK. It shows that when people speak up, leaders listen, and sometimes they change their minds for the better.

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