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Study in UK Without IELTS for 2024-25 Intake

study in uk without ielts

BREAKING NEWS! You are no longer required to submit your IELTS score to study in the UK! 

IELTS is no longer a barrier in your study abroad journey. The UK is accepting admission to students without IELTS. 

Redseer’s research reveals that in the past, 75-80% of Indian students who pursued education abroad without IELTS chose one of the Big 4 destinations, out of which one in the UK.[1]

Let’s find out how you can secure admission to the UK without IELTS.

Key Facts about UK

IntakesJanuary, May, November
Cost of Study14 lacs- 35 lacs
Required ExamsIELTS, PTE, TOEFL
Degrees OfferedGraduate, Post-graduate, P.hd, Doctorate
Cost of Living10 lacs - 12 lacs
Top Funding SourcesScholarships, Part-time Jobs, Student Loans
Language SpokenEnglish
Best Student CitiesLondon,  Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Coventry

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, a test that universities and colleges widely use to assess your English proficiency. 

Students from countries where English is not a major language, like India, Nepal, China, Vietnam, etc., are required to appear and submit an IELTS score while applying for admission in countries like the UK. 

Is It Possible to Study in UK Without IELTS?

Yes, it is possible. Many universities in the United Kingdom have intakes of international students without IELTS. 

1) If your previous education was done in English: Some of the universities in the UK allow international students to study in UK without IELTS whose previous education has been completed in an English Medium School. To prove proficiency in English, you need to get a Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate from a previous educational institute.

2) Class 12th English Scores: Many universities that offer admission in the UK without IELTS need the class 12th English Language scores of students. In exceptional circumstances, universities may require the 10th class marks. For example, if you score more than 70% in English in 12th grade, then universities can consider this proof of English proficiency.

Over three million people take the test every year, and it is accepted by more than 11,000 employers, universities, schools, and immigration bodies worldwide. [2]

Additionally, certain courses or programs may have specific language requirements, so it’s essential to check the admission requirements of individual institutions and programs.

Additionally, certain courses or programs may have specific language requirements, so it’s essential to check the admission requirements of individual institutions and programs.

However, if you want to know about the detailed process for your admission, you can connect with our study in UK consultants in Delhi.

We will guide you on how you can study in the UK without IELTS.

Alternative English Language Proficiency Tests

When pursuing your dream of studying in the UK without IELTS, it’s essential to explore alternative English language proficiency tests that universities widely accept. Here are some prominent alternatives:

UKVI IELTS (Academic)

The UKVI IELTS (Academic) test is a variation of the traditional IELTS test. It’s specifically designed for visa and immigration purposes, making it suitable for students who need to prove their English proficiency for UK student visas. 

Duolingo English Test (DET)

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is gaining popularity as an emerging IELTS alternative. It’s a modern test that offers the advantage of on-demand testing. This test can be taken online at home via a computer and webcam.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

If you want to go for a computer based test you can opt for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic. It is designed to assess a candidate’s English skills based on real-life situations. It consists of three sections: speaking and writing, reading, and listening. 

You can join us for PTE coaching!

Password English Language Test

The Password English Language Test is by CRELLA (The Center for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment). It has been recognized and accepted by a significant number of British universities as a valid IELTS alternative.

Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE)

It serves as an English proficiency test tailored for more advanced speakers. Unlike many other IELTS alternatives, the CAE adopts a pass-or-fail system. To pass this exam, you need to score at least 60% overall, with a minimum of 40% in the reading section and a total of 20% in the other three sections. So, go for this only if you are an advanced speaker.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

TOEFL stands as one of the most prevalent alternatives to IELTS. Recognized by numerous universities in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe, it is also accepted for immigration purposes in some countries. The TOEFL test lasts for approximately 4 hours and can be taken either online with a computer or as a paper-based test.

However, UK universities are moving away from TOEFL and accepting other English proficiency options as better alternatives. So, if you are looking for the best no-IELTS alternative, other tests like PTE and UKIV or Duolingo English Test might be better alternatives.

English Proficiency TestScore
PTEMinimum 59 (depending on university)
TOEFL92 - 100 (depends on the course)

Explore more: UK PTE Score Requirements

Universities that Allow Admission to Study in UK Without IELTS

Below is the list of the universities that grant admission to Indian students without IELTS. [3]

UniversityQS World Ranking
University of Plymouth561
University of Portsmouth502
Swansea University307
University of Warwick67
London South Bank University851-900
University of Greenwich671-680
University of Central Lancashire901-950
Northumbria University548
Robert Gordon University901-950
University of Bolton2179

Documents Required to Study in UK Without IELTS

  1. 10th and 12th marksheet
  2. Bachelor’s marksheet
  3. Provisional certificate Medium of Instruction certificate (Depending on the senior year scores in English)
  4. Passport
  5. Letter of Recommendations
  6. Resume
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. Offer letter
  9. Experience letter (if any)

Eligibility Criteria for Study in UK for Indian Students

You have to meet Certain eligibility requirements to study in the UK as an international student. These requirements vary depending on the type of program you are interested in and the university you are applying to.

For a Bachelor’s Degree in UK

High school qualification documents

English proficiency requirement

Other relevant tests and qualifications depending on the program

For a Master’s Degree in UK

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent education.

English proficiency requirement

You may also be able to use accepted equivalent academic transcripts for courses with extra Preparatory English.

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Is IELTS compulsory for a UK visa?

You can study in UK without IELTS provided that you submit proof of other documents supporting your English proficiency, like your 10th and 12th-grade marks in English, scores of different standardized tests for English or pre-sessional English courses, on an MOI basis, or give an interview.

Can I apply for a job in the UK without IELTS?

Yes, you can apply for a job in the UK without IELTS. However, proficiency in the English language is a must for local conversation. Speaking fluently in English and having a work visa will easily help you fetch a job in the UK. 

Does the UK accept the study gap?

In the UK, a maximum two-year gap is acceptable for undergraduate studies in UK, and a maximum five-year break is acceptable for post-graduate programs. However, some colleges will also accept longer gaps in some cases.

Can I apply for a Canada student visa without IELTS?

Yes, you can apply for canada student visa without IELTS. The visa requirements do not specify whether to take the IELTS as the language proficiency exam. You can opt for any other test to satisfy the eligibility criteria. However, you need to submit all the essential documents.

Is IELTS hard to pass?

It’s a challenging test. In addition to being able to communicate effectively in English, you’ll need to master a lot of strategic test-taking techniques. But achieving the IELTS score you need doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience! However, our IELTS coaching in Delhi is here to help you with their best experts and trainers.

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