Do backlogs have an impact on your study abroad plans?

Do you have the yearning desire to study abroad? Are you stuck and confused because you have backlogs in your current education? You do not have to show your worrisome attitude out here, because there are countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc. which accept the application form despite the fact that you have backlogs. You need to give it in writing that you will clear all your backlogs before the study program begins.

Basically, backlogs in education are exams that were not cleared by students in their first or subsequent attempts.  It is quite significant that aspirants who wish to study in a foreign university should have cleared all their backlogs before the start of the respective study program. 

Assessment of Your Backlogs

International universities count the backlogs from different perspectives. Some universities would count the total number of appearances you attempted to clear a subject in which you received the backlog, while there are other universities that look into the number of subjects as the backlogs. If you are confused, discuss your situation with study abroad consultants. 

Evaluation of Academic Backlogs

1: Number of backlogs = Number of Failed Subjects

In countries like the US and the UK, failed subjects are considered as your backlogs, and the number of attempts that you made to clear the subjects is not counted. 

2: Number of backlogs = Number of Attempts Made to Pass the Subjects

There are a few countries like Australia, which consider the number of attempts made to clear the subjects as the backlogs.  If you have attempted a single subject thrice in different semesters, the number of backlogs you have is three. Doesn’t it look like plain math? 

NB.: You are eligible to apply for admission to a foreign university even when you have active backlogs in a subject. If your application is accepted by the university, a conditional offer letter is issued on the premise that all backlogs will be cleared by you before the start of the study program. 


You can accomplish your overwhelmed dream to study abroad, even if you have blogs. All you need to do is look into the details in the manner assessment is made with respect to your backlogs in the country and the university where you intend to pursue your academic career. Irrespective of the fact that you want to study in UK or any other country, get your application assessed by the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. The consultants would do detailed profiling, taking into consideration your situation.  

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