How to convince your parents to let you go study abroad?

Convincing parents for getting themselves enrolled in a foreign university to study abroad is not as easy as it may seem to you. First and foremost your parents will not allow you to travel overseas, especially as you have never left home. No matter how wishful you become, most parents are beyond the point of conviction and cannot digest the fact that their child has brilliantly overgrown the idea to study in a foreign university. For all good reasons, your parents will often feel concerned and worried out of the sheer fact that you will be all alone in a foreign country, struck by nostalgia.

Since you are adamant about studying abroad and this is certainly not any moment of reverie for you, parents have an opposite feeling on the whole scenario. Here are the points that would help you in convincing your parents to free you from the emotional entanglement and push you for a foreign education:

1 – Discuss the academic advantages of studying overseas – Engage yourself in a light discursive practice with your parents where you will highlight the advantages of study abroad. Tell them that you will be introduced to a whole new and innovative system of learning along with great facilities. Let them know that studying abroad will help you to gain a global advantage.  The course that you will study will prepare you for a broader and responsible role in the global panorama. Apply your intelligent mind, and let the global education consultants pop in and help you with your efforts. Let the consultants help your parents understand the importance of overseas education. 

2 – Stress on the importance of building a career – It is necessary from every aspect that you stress the importance of foreign education concerning career building.  Let them know that you will learn key skills that are always desired by overseas employers as well as the employers in your home country.  You will be hired quickly and on high salary packages, and this is where your parents would realize that you are up to something damn brilliant and super smart. 

3 – Project your seriousness to your parents- If you walk straight up to your parents one fine day and tell them that you have planned to study abroad, will it work? Not! You have to show exemplary seriousness and this can be done only if you give your parents the factual information on the course of study; the name of the university; date of intake and above all your academic objectives. 

4 – Give assurances that you will be safe – It is very important that your parents that you will take control of your life out there in the new country. Give them the details of your health insurance and the planning in emergencies. As a responsible child, give your parents the contact information of the international office of your university.

5 – Give regular assurances to your parents that you will always be in touch – No matter how busy you are in your studies, your parents are always thinking about you.  It is better and always in your favor to establish regular contacts with your parents either through Skype, Chats or Phone Calls.  If the usual electronic system fails, you always have the support of study abroad consultants, who will update your parents about your well-being.  Choices are never replete.  


The concern of your parents is right, as they are worried about your well-being. If you show the seriousness of studying abroad, your parents would give a thought to your plan and idea.  Keep the above points in your mind and convince your parents.

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