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How Much PTE Score Is Required for Canada ?

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Planning to study in Maple Leaf Country, Canada? You’re embarking on a journey that can open doors to exceptional educational opportunities and, potentially, a bright future in this diverse and welcoming nation. To make this dream a reality, you’ll need to clear certain requirements, one of which is achieving a specific PTE score. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how much PTE score is required for Canada, and we’ll offer some valuable insights to help you on your way. So, let’s dive in!

PTE Overview 

Before we jump into the PTE score required for Canada, let’s quickly go over the basics of the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). Here is the important information about this test for you: 

Full Exam NamePearson Test of English Academic
Short Exam NamePTE Academic
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Language of the ExamEnglish
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Mode of ExamOnline
Exam Duration2 Hours

Types of PTE

PTE Academic is the most common test for academic and professional purposes. Besides PTE Academic, there are other variations of the test, such as PTE General and PTE Young Learners, but they serve different purposes.

PTE Sections

When tackling the PTE Academic, it’s helpful to know what you’re up against. The exam has four main sections, each testing distinct language skills. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Speaking and Writing: In this section, you’ll demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. You’ll be asked to summarize written text, write an essay, and respond to questions.
  2. Reading: This part assesses your reading skills. You’ll be presented with various types of written content, including multiple-choice questions, re-order paragraphs, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  3. Listening: As the name suggests, the listening section gauges your ability to comprehend spoken English. You’ll hear audio clips and answer questions based on what you’ve heard.

Each of these sections plays a crucial role in determining your overall PTE score. So, understanding the specific demands of each can help you tailor your preparation and perform at your best on test day.

PTE score table

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) evaluates your skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Your performance in these sections contributes to your overall PTE score. Here’s a brief breakdown of what different PTE scores mean:

PTE Score RangeSkills
10-29Basic understanding of everyday phrases and the ability to engage in simple conversations.
30-42Competence in discussing common topics using everyday language, along with improved interaction skills.
43-50Proficiency in comprehending standard language and expressing personal experiences and opinions.
51-58Strong command of language, capable of sharing factual information and narrating experiences effectively.
59-75Fluency in communication, interacting with minimal errors, and adept at conveying critical information.
75-84Ability to comprehend complex texts, extract essential ideas, and articulate oneself proficiently.
Above 85Expertise in communication, adept at understanding information from diverse sources, and presenting ideas with utmost clarity.

These scores represent your language proficiency and play a crucial role in your academic and professional journey in Canada. So, let Transglobal Overseas help you achieve the PTE score that aligns with your aspirations.

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How much PTE score is required for Canada

To study in Canada, you must meet specific PTE score requirements. These requirements can vary depending on your level of study, whether it’s for a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a diploma program. To make this information more accessible, let’s break it down into a table for quick reference:

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Study LevelPTE Score Required
Diploma45 Overall (Min. 36 in each module)
Undergraduate50 Overall (Min 45 in each module)
Post-graduate65 Overall (Min 50 in each module)

List of Canadian colleges accepting PTE score

Let’s explore top Canadian colleges and PTE scores they accept. Here’s a comprehensive list for your reference:

S.NoColleges in CanadaPTE Score
1Centennial College51+
2Seneca CollegeMinimum score of 58 for degree and graduate programs
3George Brown CollegeOverall 54 minimum 50 in each skill band
4Humber CollegeMinimum score for diplomas - 53 - 57; Minimum score for Degrees - 58 - 60
5Georgian CollegeMinimum overall score of 60
6Niagara CollegeFor diploma - 53 - 57
For graduate certificate programs - 58+
7Douglas CollegeMinimum overall score of 56
8Durham CollegePTE Academic: 53 minimum overall, no sectionbelow 49
9Algonquin CollegeFor diploma - Minimum of 53 

For degrees and graduate certificates - Minimum of 60 
10Alexander CollegeOverall score between 50 - 60

List of Canadian Universities accepting PTE score

If you’re considering Canada for your academic journey and wondering which universities accept PTE scores, we can help. Here’s a comprehensive list of Canadian universities and the PTE scores they accept:

S.NoUniversities in CanadaMinimum PTE Score
1University of British ColumbiaMinimum overall score of 65 on the PTE academic exam
2University of AlbertaOverall minimum score of 62 with a minimum band score of 60
3McMaster University60 overall with minimum score of 60 in Writing and Speaking
4University of Waterloo63 overall, 65 writing, 65 speaking
5University of OttawaOverall 60 and 60 in writing
6Queen’s UniversityOverall 60
7York UniversityOverall score 60
8Concordia UniversityMinimum overall PTE academic score of 61 with a minimum of 46 in speaking and writing
9University of GuelphOverall 60 and a minimum score of 60 in each section.
10University of ManitobaMinimum score required: 58

Ready to Begin Your Canadian Academic Journey? Transglobal Overseas can assist you throughout the application process. Our experienced team will ensure that you meet all the requirements. Get in touch with us today!

What is the minimum PTE score for Canada Student Visa?

Your PTE score is a key factor that reflects your English language proficiency, and it plays a crucial role in the student visa application process. It’s worth noting that this score requirement is subject to change, and specific institutions or programs may have slightly different criteria.

However, the minimum PTE score required falls within the range of 58 to 73. To ensure a smooth visa application process, it’s essential to meet the minimum PTE score specified by your chosen institution.

Navigating the various requirements for a Canada student visa, including PTE scores, can be complex. But you don’t have to go through it alone. Transglobal Overseas, with its expertise and experience, can guide you throughout the process, offering valuable visa guidance for a seamless journey.

PTE score Requirements for PR in Canada

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a permanent resident in Canada, your English language proficiency is a critical factor in the process. And starting from late 2023, the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is making that path more accessible. 

PTE will be one of three designated language tests for economic class candidates to demonstrate their English language proficiency to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

PTE brings flexibility and convenience, and it comes with an accepted score range of 59-75. But what’s particularly exciting is the introduction of PTE Essential. 

It’s a new English language test created by Pearson specifically to meet IRCC’s language proficiency requirements for Canadian immigration applicants. 

While IRCC has different language criteria for study permit applicants, PTE Essential aligns perfectly with the “Academic” version, which most international students typically need to take. This offers a tailored solution for those planning to study in Canada.

While IRCC has not yet specified when applicants can submit PTE Essential to support their Canadian immigration applications, this option may become available towards the end of 2023.

How to get a good PTE Score With Transglobal

When it comes to achieving an impressive PTE score, Transglobal Overseas is your trusted partner. We understand that effective preparation is the key to success. Here’s how Transglobal can help you secure the PTE score you need:

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  1. Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced trainers, who are well-versed in PTE Academic’s ins and outs. They will provide you with comprehensive guidance and valuable insights.
  2. Comprehensive Study Materials: Gain access to a wealth of study materials designed to help you master every section of the PTE test. These materials are regularly updated to reflect the latest test patterns.
  3. Regular Practice Tests: Practice makes perfect, and we offer a series of mock tests that mirror the actual PTE Academic exam. These tests help you get accustomed to the test format and improve your time management skills.
  4. Effective Strategies: Learn tried and tested strategies to tackle each section of the PTE test. Our strategies can help you save time and answer questions accurately.

Transglobal Overseas is your partner in success, providing knowledge, tools, and strategies for PTE Academic excellence. Achieve the required PTE scores for your Canadian education journey. Trust Transglobal Overseas, the best PTE coaching center in Delhi, to pave your way to a promising future.


Is PTE score 45 accepted in Canada?

Yes, a PTE score 45 is generally accepted for a diploma course. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that specific programs or pathways may have varying score requirements, so it’s advisable to check the latest requirements with the relevant authorities.

How much PTE score is required for Canada after 12th?

The PTE score requirement for Canada after completing the 12th grade varies based on the program or pathway you’re pursuing. Typically, a minimum score of 45 is required for diploma programs, while undergraduate programs often require a minimum score of 50.

Is PTE accepted in Canada for PR?

Yes, from late 2023, the PTE exam will be accepted for Permanent Residency (PR) applications in Canada. Most PR pathways require a PTE score between 59-75. However, you must check the specific requirements for the PR program you’re interested in.

How much PTE score is required for Canada after Graduation?

The PTE score requirement for Canada after completing your graduation depends on the specific program or pathway you are applying for. Postgraduate programs typically require a minimum score of 65, while UG courses may accept a minimum score of 50. It’s crucial to check the requirements for your specific situation.

How to Deal With Not Getting Your Desired PTE Score?

If you didn’t achieve your desired PTE score, don’t lose hope. You can take several steps to improve your score, including identifying your weaknesses through diagnostic tests, regular practice, seeking professional help from professionals, PTE coaching classes, Transglobal Overseas.

Is PTE Accepted in Canada?

Yes, PTE is widely accepted by universities, colleges, and immigration authorities in Canada as an English language proficiency testing option alongside the IELTS exam.

PTE Accepted University List Of Canada?

Around 90% of colleges in Canada accept the PTE exam. Some of them are University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, etc. It is a valid assessment of English language skills in many international contexts.

PTE 50 score accepted universities in Canada?

Several Canadian universities accept a PTE score of 50 for undergraduate admissions. These include University of Manitoba, University of British Columbia, etc. Be sure to verify the specific requirements of the universities you are interested in.

Does Canada accept PTE for student visa?

Yes, Canada accepts the PTE exam for student visa applications. A minimum PTE score of 50 is usually required for study permit pathways. It’s essential to confirm the exact requirements for your specific study permit application.

How many colleges accept PTE in Canada?

Around 90% of colleges in Canada accept the PTE exam for admissions and immigration purposes. To find a comprehensive list of PTE-accepting institutions in Canada, refer to the Pearson website or contact the institutions you are interested in.

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