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Best Course to Study in Canada for PR for 2024 Intake

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Canada, often celebrated for its stunning landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, has also gained fame as a promising destination for those seeking not only quality education but also a pathway to Permanent Residency (PR). As an international student, the choice of your course plays a pivotal role in determining your eligibility for PR in Canada. In this informative guide, we’ll explore the best course to Study in Canada for PR and how they can open doors to your future in this diverse and vibrant country.

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Importance of choosing the best course to study in Canada for PR

First, let’s understand the significance of selecting the right educational path that aligns with your long-term goal of obtaining Canadian PR:

Choosing the best course to study in Canada for PR is important for a number of reasons:

  1. It can increase your chances of getting a study permit: If you choose a course that is in high demand and that will give you the skills and experience needed to succeed in the Canadian job market, you will be more likely to be approved for a study permit.
  2. It can help you find a job after graduation: If you choose a course that is in high demand, you will be in a better position to find a job and gain the work experience required for PR.
  3. It can make you eligible for certain PR programs: Choosing a course that leads to a career in a high-demand NOC occupation can make it easier to meet the eligibility criteria for the CEC and other PR programs.
  4. It can help you achieve your long-term goals: When choosing a course of study, it is important to think about your long-term goals. What career do you want to have? What kind of lifestyle do you want to live? Choosing a course that will help you achieve your long-term goals will give you a sense of purpose and motivation.

Overall, choosing the best course to study in Canada for PR is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your future. By carefully considering your academic interests, career goals, and eligibility criteria, you can choose a course that will help you achieve your PR goals and live the life you want in Canada.

What is a Canadian PR Visa?

 A Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa is a visa that allows you to live and work in Canada permanently. It’s valid for five years, and it’s a golden ticket to one of the world’s most immigrant-friendly countries. As a PR holder, you’ll enjoy access to various social benefits, healthcare facilities, and the opportunity to work or study anywhere in Canada.

Different pathways to Canadian PR

These programs are tailored to provide graduates with faster pathways to obtaining Canadian PR status. Here’s a comprehensive guide to these pathways:

  1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC): The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is designed for international students who have completed their studies in Canada. It evaluates candidates based on various criteria. To be eligible, you must have at least 12 months of full-time skilled work experience in Canada.
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is a merit-based immigration program that assesses and ranks candidates using a points-based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). To qualify for this program, candidates must have at least 12 months of skilled work experience in a relevant field.
  3. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Each province and territory in Canada has its immigration pathway, known as a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Many PNPs give preference to individuals who have either studied or worked in the province. 
  4. Quebec Immigration Options: Quebec features two main permanent residence programs with streams explicitly designed for overseas students:
    1. Quebec Experience Program (PEQ): This program fast-tracks the PR application process for international students who have completed their studies and gained work experience in Quebec.
    2. Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW): The QSW program is designed for skilled workers and international graduates who intend to settle and work in Quebec. It considers factors such as education, work experience, and language proficiency.

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP): While not a direct pathway to permanent residency, the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows international students who have graduated from Canadian institutions to remain in Canada after completing their studies. This permit enables candidates to work for any employer in the country while gaining valuable Canadian work experience.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Course to study in Canada for PR

When selecting a course to pursue in Canada, it’s crucial to consider various factors that can significantly impact your chances of obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Here are the key criteria to keep in mind:

  1. In-Demand Skills: Opt for programs that align with the skills and occupations in demand in Canada’s labor market. These programs often receive preference in PR applications.
  2. Program Duration: Longer programs generally provide more PR points. Consider courses that offer extended study periods as they can enhance your PR prospects.
  3. Canadian Education: Studying in Canada can earn you additional PR points. Choosing an institution in Canada can be advantageous for your PR application.
  4. Provincial Considerations: Different provinces in Canada may have specific immigration streams with unique requirements. Research the PR pathways available in your desired province to ensure your chosen course meets those criteria.
  5. Eligibility criteria for PR programs: Some PR programs in Canada have specific eligibility criteria related to the course of study. For example, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) requires applicants to have at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada. Some courses may make it easier to meet the eligibility criteria for certain PR programs.

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Best course to study in Canada for PR for 2024 Intake

Canada offers a plethora of courses that can set you on the path to Permanent Residency (PR). Let’s explore some of these courses in detail:

1. Business Management courses 

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MBA (Master of Business Administration) and Business Management programs have garnered significant attention from students worldwide. Canada boasts some of the top MBA colleges that provide a wide range of options for students to specialize in areas such as Accounting, Finance, Project Management, and more. These courses are designed to equip students with essential skills in leadership, problem-solving, and strategic planning, making them highly valuable in the job market. Here are some of the popular Business Management courses you can pursue in Canada:

  1. Master’s in Business Management (MBA) 
  2. Diploma in Event Management 
  3. Diploma in Human Resource Management 
  4. Master’s in Healthcare Management
  5. Diploma in Construction Management 
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management 
  7. Diploma in Supply Chain Management 
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business Management 

2. Finance and Economics courses 

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Finance and economics experts are continually in high demand in Canada. Pursuing a Master’s in Management in Finance not only offers a promising career but also contributes to building the country’s robust economy. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of financial market operations, equipping students with the skills required for success.

Upon graduation, students can explore various career avenues, including investment banking, stock markets, insurance, and actuarial roles. Moreover, opportunities in asset management and broking open doors to exciting career prospects. Here are some of the top courses to pursue in this field: 

  1. Master’s in Management in Finance 
  2. Master of Arts in Economics and Finance
  3. PG Diploma in Financial Services 
  4. Master of Financial Risk Management 
  5. BSC (Hons) Economics and Finance 

3. Engineering courses 

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Engineering and Management courses stand out as highly valued and PR-friendly options for international students. Canada’s universities offer a wide range of engineering degrees, from undergraduate to doctoral levels, providing a gateway to a promising future.

In many Canadian cities, especially in economic powerhouses like Toronto, there exists a constant demand and shortage of skilled workers, primarily due to the country’s thriving manufacturing sector. This translates into a lucrative job market, particularly for graduates in engineering and related fields.

Here’s a glimpse of some sought-after engineering courses in Canada that can set you on a path to permanent residency:

  1. Civil Engineering 
  2. Mechanical Engineering 
  3. Automotive Technology 
  4. Electrical Engineering 
  5. Environmental Engineering 
  6. Systems Engineering 

4. Healthcare and Medicine courses

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Canada is renowned for its excellence in healthcare, medicine, and bioscience. With a strong emphasis on innovation and research, the country offers a plethora of opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals. Whether you’re interested in pharmaceuticals, nursing, biotechnology, or other advanced medical sciences, Canada has a place for you. Here’s a glimpse of some of the healthcare and medicine courses that can set you on a rewarding career path.

  1. BSc Nursing in Canada
  2. Master of Public Health (MPH) 
  3. MBBS 
  4. Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation Technology
  5. Diploma in Kinesiology 
  6. Bachelor’s in Dental Science 
  7. Diploma of Acupuncture 

5. Journalism and Media Communications

image for "Journalism and Media Communications"

Companies worldwide are actively seeking creative writers, content creators, journalists, digital managers, and public relations officers to foster brand growth and navigate the digital age. If you possess a passion for storytelling, a keen eye for the evolving media landscape, and a desire to make an impact, then a career in Journalism and Media Communications in Canada might be your ideal path.

Here’s a curated list of some of the top courses in Journalism and Media Communications available in Canada:

  1. BA in Journalism
  2. BA in Communication
  3. Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities
  4. Bachelor of Journalism
  5. Bachelor of Communication Studies
  6. MSc Marketing and Communication Studies    
  7. MSc Management – Marketing
  8. Master of Digital Media

6. Computer Science/IT courses 

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When it comes to securing a prosperous future in the tech-driven world, few fields can rival Computer Science and Information Technology (IT). These courses form the bedrock of lucrative careers, offering students a robust foundation in the sciences and mathematics while opening doors to a wide array of industries in Canada. From Forensic Science to Banking, Technical Writing to Medical Application Development, the opportunities are boundless. Here are some of the top options to explore in this field: 

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Robotics
  5. Data Science
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. Database Administration

Best 1-year Diploma course to Study in Canada for PR

These 1-year Diploma courses provide focused education in specific fields, equipping you with practical skills and knowledge. They align with Canadian PR pathways related to their respective industries. Completing these programs demonstrates your commitment to your field of interest and enhances your employability, ultimately contributing to your PR journey in Canada.

Diploma in Business AdministrationGeorgian College, George Brown College, Centennial CollegeGain comprehensive business skills, leadership qualities, and management expertise. Ideal for PR pathways in the business sector.
Diploma in Hospitality ManagementGeorgian College, Durham College, Centennial CollegeFocus on the hospitality industry, covering areas like hotel operations, event management, and customer service. Excellent for PR in hospitality and tourism.
Diploma in AccountingHumber College, George Brown College, Georgian College, Centennial CollegeDevelop accounting and financial expertise, preparing you for roles in finance and accounting crucial for Canadian PR.
Diploma in MarketingHumber College, George Brown College, Georgian College, Centennial CollegeDive into the world of marketing, including digital marketing, consumer behavior, and brand management, aligning with PR pathways in marketing.
Diploma in Graphics DesignFanshawe College, Georgian College, Centennial College, George Brown College, Cambrian College, Mohawk CollegeAcquire design skills, including digital and print media, web design, and multimedia production, ideal for PR routes in design and media.
Food Technology, Safety, and Quality DiplomaGeorgian College, Conestoga College, Centennial College, George Brown CollegeFocus on food safety, quality control, and technology, which can lead to PR opportunities in the food industry.
Diploma in Cyber Security SpecialistFanshawe College, Ontario College, Mohawk CollegeGain expertise in cybersecurity, covering threat analysis, network security, and ethical hacking, aligning with PR pathways in IT and cybersecurity.
Diploma in Data AnalyticsGeorgian College, St. Clair College, Langara College, St. Lawrence College, Durham CollegeDevelop data analytics skills, including data visualization and machine learning, offering PR prospects in data science and analytics.

Best Short-term course to study in canada for PR

Short-term courses in Canada are increasingly sought after due to their affordability and the diverse career opportunities they offer. These programs are designed to provide specialized skills and knowledge that align with the Canadian job market, making them a valuable pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada.

Here’s a table summarizing some of the popular short-term courses for PR in Canada:

CourseDurationWhat's Covered
Certificate in Human Resources Management6-12 monthsHR principles, recruitment, employee relations, etc.
French Language Course3-6 monthsFrench language proficiency
Short-term Software Engineering Course6-9 monthsSoftware development, coding, programming languages
Finance6-12 monthsFinancial management, analysis, investment
Certificate Course for Professional Cook and Culinary Arts6-9 monthsCulinary skills, food safety, kitchen management
Marketing6-12 monthsMarketing strategies, consumer behavior, analytics
Dental Assistant6-12 monthsDental procedures, patient care, radiography
Public Administration6-12 monthsGovernment policies, public management, ethics
Creative Arts courses6-9 monthsVisual arts, performing arts, creative expression
Advertising – Account Management6-9 monthsAdvertising strategies, client management
Certificate in Business Foundations6-12 monthsBusiness fundamentals, entrepreneurship, management

Top universities for PR friendly Courses

These universities offer a wide array of programs and courses, covering a spectrum of subjects, which can be strategically chosen to align with your Permanent Residency goals. 

Here is a ranking for these universities and:

UniversityCanadian RankingGlobal Ranking
University of Toronto126
McGill University227
University of British Columbia346
University of Montreal4111
University of Alberta5126
McMaster University6140
University of Waterloo7149
Western University8170
Queen’s University9230
University of Calgary10235

Book a counseling session with our study abroad consultants to learn about these courses and which of them is the best fit for your PR Journey.

Partnered Universities for best course to study in canada for PR

When considering your study options in Canada, it’s essential to choose top universities that not only offer excellent programs but also maximize your chances of obtaining Permanent Residency (PR). Here are some partnered universities known for their PR-friendly courses:

Image for "Partnered Universities for best course to study in canada for PR"

1. Fraser University

Established in 1965 on Burnaby Mountain this University has a global network of over 17,000 alumni, and Fraser University offers a wide range of programs. Consider courses like Computer Science, Engineering, or Nursing, which are in high demand in Canada’s job market. Completing these programs at Fraser University can be your stepping stone to PR.

2. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Established in 1942 This university is ranked at #63 out of 181 Regional Universities North, Fairleigh Dickinson University provides a conducive environment for international students. Courses like Business Administration, Information Technology, and Global Leadership can enhance your PR prospects.

3. Royal Roads University

Ranked #56 in Canada, Royal Roads University was established in 1965. It offers unique programs focusing on applied and professional skills. Consider courses in Environmental Science, Tourism Management, or Global Management to align with Canada’s PR requirements.

4. Lakehead University

Lakehead University was established in 1965, and is globally recognized around the world. This university is particularly wll-known in several categories where it ranks #25. Opt for programs like Natural Resources Management, Engineering, or Social Work to enhance your chances of PR eligibility.

5. Thompson Rivers University

As a #1 Platinum-ranked sustainable university, Thompson Rivers University has an excellent reputation. Established in 1970, this university is the epitome of excellence. Courses like Data Science, Healthcare Management, and Supply Chain Management can lead you on the path to PR.

6. University of Windsor

Ranked #27 in Best Global Universities in Canada, the University of Windsor offers a variety of programs. Consider courses in Automotive Engineering, Business Analytics, or Environmental Science to bolster your PR prospects.

7. Dalhousie University

Established in 1818 and ranked #12 in Canada in the overall QS World University Rankings 2024, Dalhousie University is a prestigious institution. Pursue programs like Health Informatics, Oceanography, or Sustainable Development to align with PR requirements.

Application Process and Documentation

The application process for studying in Canada is a crucial step in your journey toward Permanent Residency (PR). While specific requirements may vary depending on your chosen institution and program, here’s a general overview of the process and the key documents you’ll need:

Step 1: Gather Your Documents

The initial step involves collecting the necessary documents that will support your application. These typically include:

  1. Educational Transcripts: Certified copies of your academic records, such as high school diplomas and bachelor’s degree certificates.
  2. Language Proficiency Test Scores: IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL result.
  3. Passport: Ensure your passport is current and will remain so for the duration of your studies.
  4. Statement of Purpose (SOP): A well-crafted SOP detailing your academic and career goals can be a significant asset.
  5. Letters of Recommendation: Obtain strong letters of recommendation from professors, mentors, or employers.
  6. Resume/CV: Highlight your academic and professional achievements.
  7. Financial Statements: Proof of funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses during your stay in Canada.
  8. Photographs: Passport-sized photos as specified by the institution.
  9. Other Relevant Documents: Any additional documents requested by the university or immigration authorities.

Step 2: Complete the Application

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, it’s time to complete the university’s application form. Be meticulous in providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Submit your application online through the university’s official application portal. Ensure that all required documents are attached and that you have paid any application fees.

Step 4: Receive Your Offer Letter

Upon successful review of your application, you will receive an offer letter from the university. This letter confirms your acceptance into the program and outlines any conditions or requirements you must meet before starting your studies.

Step 5: Tuition Fee Payment

After receiving your offer letter, you will typically be required to pay your tuition fees. Ensure you retain all receipts and payment confirmation documents for your records.

Step 6: Apply for Your Student Visa

With your offer letter and proof of tuition fee payment in hand, you can now apply for your Canada student visa process. Follow the application instructions provided by the Canadian visa office and take visa Guidance from abroad Consultants in your home country.

Step 7: Prepare for Your Journey

Once you have obtained your student visa, you are ready to embark on your educational journey to Canada. Make necessary travel arrangements, including booking flights and securing accommodation.

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) is a unique opportunity for international students in Canada. This permit allows you to work in Canada after completing your studies, offering several advantages:

  1. Canadian Work Experience: Gain practical experience in your field, enhancing your employability.
  2. Career Opportunities: Work for any Canadian employer, switch jobs, or explore self-employment.
  3. Path to Permanent Residency (PR): Canadian work experience is highly valued when applying for PR.
  4. Extended Stay: The PGWP can extend your time in Canada to make the most of your educational and professional journey.

To apply for a PGWP, submit your application within 180 days of program completion, providing proof of graduation, valid passport, study permit, and other required documentation. Transglobal Overseas can assist you in securing your PGWP and achieving your Canadian career goals. Your Canadian work experience awaits!

Conclusion: Best Course to Study in Canada for PR

It’s not only possible for you to study in Canada, but to settle there permanently as well. By choosing the right course, university, and leveraging the opportunities available, you can make your dreams of studying and living in Canada a reality.

Ready to embark on this life-changing journey? Contact Transglobal Overseas today, and let us guide you through every step towards your goal of studying in Canada and achieving Canadian Permanent Residency. Your future in Canada awaits!

FAQs Regarding Best Course to Study in Canada for PR:

What is the fastest way to get PR in Canada?

The quickest route to obtain PR in Canada is through the Express Entry program. Express Entry employs a points-based system to evaluate candidates based on factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability. Those who score above a specific threshold are invited to apply for permanent residency.

Which courses are best in Canada?

Canada offers a wide array of colleges and universities with diverse programs. Some of the most sought-after courses include Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Healthcare, and Education.

Can I get PR in Canada after 2 years of study?

Yes, you can qualify for PR in Canada after completing a 2-year study program, provided you meet other eligibility criteria. You must graduate from a designated learning institution (DLI) and successfully complete a one-year post-graduation work permit (PGWP) program.

Which part of Canada gives PR more easily?

There isn’t a specific region in Canada that grants PR more easily than others. Each province and territory has its own immigration policies. However, some provinces, like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, have programs that facilitate PR for international students.

Is obtaining Canada PR difficult?

The difficulty of obtaining PR in Canada depends on various factors, including your eligibility and the prevailing immigration policies. Canada generally maintains an open and welcoming immigration system, making it relatively accessible for many applicants.

Is 1 year of study enough for PR in Canada?

No, a single year of study is insufficient for PR eligibility in Canada. To qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and eventually PR, you must complete a two-year program at a designated learning institution (DLI).

What is the shortest time to get PR in Canada?

The Express Entry program offers the quickest path to PR in Canada. If you possess a high Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and receive an invitation to apply for PR, you can typically obtain your PR status within six months of submitting your application.

How can I increase my chances of getting PR in Canada?

To enhance your odds of obtaining PR in Canada, consider:

  1. Elevating your CRS score
  2. Securing a job offer from a Canadian employer
  3. Pursuing studies in a province or territory with a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  4. Entering into marriage with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Are there 8-month courses in Canada that lead to PR?

Yes, there are 8-month courses in Canada that can eventually lead to PR. Examples include the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS), and Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (PGDHRM).

Are there 2-year diploma courses in Canada that lead to PR?

Absolutely, there are 2-year diploma courses in Canada that can pave the way to PR. Examples encompass the Business Administration Diploma, Computer Systems Technology Diploma, and Nursing Diploma.

I want to study in Canada for less than 6 months. Do I need a study permit?

You don’t need a study permit for a course or study program that lasts 6 months or less. However, getting a study permit when you don’t need one has benefits.

You still need a valid travel document (electronic travel authorization or visitor visa) to come to Canada. You must get a study permit if you want to study for longer than 6 months.

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