How Much Study Gap is Acceptable to Study in Canada

Yes, a study gap is acceptable to study in Canada, Universities in Canada are accommodating of international students’ extensive study breaks.

Study in Canada can be a major break for students wanting a great career. Canada offers a great academic benefit along with some worldwide career opportunities. Plus, foreign students experience diverse social and cultural encounters in Canada. 

However, we understand that moving to another nation for studying can be a challenging task for students. It can be even more challenging if they have a study gap to cover. But, the candidates who wish to study in universities in Canada need not be concerned. The study gap is acceptable in Canada for the candidates. Let’s read more about the same.

Is the Study Gap Acceptable in Canada?

The student applying to a Canadian university may face some challenges because of the study gap in their qualifications. And, if the study gap is extremely long, then it can be a serious problem. But yes, if the study gap is reasonable, then, it is satisfactory in Canada. That means, the Canadian colleges accept the study gaps taken by the international students.

A study gap of 2 years is allowed for the candidates of undergraduate in Canada as per the guidelines of the colleges. Moreover, a study gap of 5 years is allowed for the candidates for masters in Canada. But, if the gap is more and the students have done truly well in a specific field then, they need to show some evidence for their study gaps. 

This evidence can be an arrangement letter or compensation slip. However, in some cases, students are allowed to study in Canada even if they have a long study gap. The study gap can be very well taken care of if the candidate has a legitimate explanation. That means, whatever the reason for the study gap is, you need to be straightforward. And, give satisfactory legitimization with certainty.

Here we are mentioning some sorts of study gaps that are satisfactory while applying in Canada:

  • Proof of re-show up in tests because of low scores
  • A grave family circumstance
  • Medical problems.
  • Confronting stress on work
  • You were jobless for some time after the examinations

There are some exemptions as well for the students who have shown extraordinary ability in their field of study.

How Can the Candidates Fix the Study Gap While Applying for Visa?

The candidates who are planning to go for MBA in Canada need to apply for a Canada study visa. And, forgetting that, they need to make sure that they give legitimate and fair explanations behind their study gap. You can clarify your study gap through your statement of purpose. However, you will also need the official data which is required to prove it.

Every foreign student who wants to study in Canada requires a brief inhabitant VISA. This Visa is provided by the Canadian High Commission. And, the students can apply for a study visa online or offline. Applying for a Visa can cost you around $150.

As I mentioned earlier, Universities in Canada acknowledge the students who have a study gap of 2 years for pursuing undergraduate in Canada. Plus, it acknowledges a study gap of five years for masters in Canada. However, the years of study gap may vary depending on the college/university you’re applying to. 

If you have a longer study gap but have some work insight as evidence of your study gap. Then, you can show it to the college and embassy. Here is a list of archives that can function as a filler of study GAP:

  • Pay Slips
  • Letter of Appointment
  • Affirmation Letter of University or College
  • Mark sheet of any Diploma, or
  • Proof of any short course done.

The Documents Required for Visa to Study in Canada

  • Educational Documents
  • Identification
  • IELTS  score of 6.5 for PG and 6 for UG
  • Medical report
  • SOP (statement of purpose)
  • gap Justification if Necessary
  • Embassy Forms


By now, you must understand that the gap isn’t an issue if you have a real explanation. And, if you can make the embassy understand that you were accomplishing something useful inside that time.

Hence, all you need to do is to make sure that your case is very much addressed before the school and the Embassy of Canada. In case, you need any assistance regarding how to fill the study gap, you can anytime contact our overseas education consultants in Delhi. We would love to assist you in everything regarding your dream of studying abroad.

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