cost of studying in uk

How Much Cost Of Studying In UK

The universities in UK are segmented into two categories including Public/State and Private and charges are different for the EU and international students. Now, UK and EU students planning to study there are supposed to pay up to £9,250 each year. International undergraduate cost of studying in uk differ from one university to another. The minimum tuition fee is around £10,000 and going up to £38,000. You need to pay more if planning to do a medical degree.

Scholarships & Internships to Study in UK

Some of the best-known scholarship opportunities given to international students each year planning to study in UK include:

  • The Chevening Scholarships

  • Euraxess UK

  • The Commonwealth Scholarships

  • The Royal Society Grants

  • Scholarships from UK universities

Studying abroad in the United Kingdom can prove to be an excellent opportunity to get some of the best higher education in the world.


Study Courses/Program Approx. Tuition Fee (£)
Undergraduate bachelor degree £10,000 (~US$14,130)- £38,000 (~US$53,700)
Postgraduate masters degree £11,000 (~US$15,545)- £32,000

Costs of Living in UK

Activity Approx. Living costs (£)
Gym membership cost £32 per month
Food £30 per week
Entertainment £147  per year
Phone £15 per month
Arrival & Accommodation

Housing: The majority of the students stay in university halls of residence during their first year before moving into rented private accommodation in their following years. Many universities here provide both self-catered and catered halls of residence, including the food as well.

Public transport: The UK has a wonderful national and local train network and students can reach almost any place using trains. Buses are another popular way to reach different places around the UK. Buses are an ideal great way to get around cheaply, 

Opening a bank account: The majority of international students need to open a checking account to pay the amount for their living costs while studying in UK. International students prefer opening a current account when pursuing their studies there.