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Why study in Australia?

In the global market, successfully shaping your career is possible through attaining world-class abroad education. For all courses, international qualifications are recognized around the world. Also, studying overseas will help you gain a chance to connect with industrialists, employers and international students from the globe. An abroad platform will enrich your career prospects and stand up with the global market and familiarize yourself. Transglobal Overseas Education Consultants totally understands your priorities and has committed to giving emphasis to requirements. At Transglobal we guide you through the entire process of admissions while not letting you whoosh away your ambitions. The appropriate help will be given out to you at every step. Many young aspirants are still thankful to Transglobal Overseas for offering them the right and timely information about their field of interest. Our counsellors and overseas education consultants will be available to our students every minute making sure that all the queries from any field are answered. Australia, UK, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, and Norway are the nations for pursuing higher education in Business, IT, Engineering and Hospitality and so forth. Additionally, more countries like Russia, China, the Philippines, and European countries offer class and inexpensive courses particularly in medicinal studies and so on.

When compared with education in your nation of origin, attaining abroad education might be costly. Nonetheless, there are nations that give training (explicit courses) which are at standard with Indian expenses. Be that as it may, the learning pattern has been building up recently because of the simple accessibility of scholarships and education loans which help to support your abroad educations financially.


On the off chance that you are keen on studying in Australia – you are in the correct place! In Australia, there are a great number of courses provided, and we have the best manual to help you from the earliest starting point till the last possible stage. Your Australian college hunt will be cared by us enabling you to determine the right college, our source pages will enable you to study, work, and live in Australia, and we even have data on what's in store after you complete your graduation. Stay with us to start your journey!

Australia advances in development, creativity and self-sufficient rationalizing all through its colleges. International scholars who pursue their studies and live in Australia soon find that their education has been fulfilling, fun, and challenging. As an International scholar in Australia, you can hope to live, develop and learn in a youthful, harmonious nation loaded with opportunities. For those International scholars who effectively complete their degree, they will before long find that they are focused in the present global market.


One of the advantages of being an Australian international scholar is that you have the authorization to take up a part-time job while finishing your degree. Unlike other countries, Australia gives permission to work to those students who have with a student visa. International scholars ought to search for a job by themselves, however, once they are hired, they will achieve hands-on knowledge and experience in a number of areas including hospitality, retail, and administration. Well, this is not enough; it creates a unique opportunity for scholars in Australia to attain full work experience, though it additionally serves scholars meet their college and expenses as well as enhances their English fluency for the global market.

In a case that you are interested and willing to be working in Australia, Transglobal can help assist you with a guide on working permissions, visa requirements, and landing a job and so on. You will get to know why numerous international scholars prefer Australia as their overseas education target where the students can acquire international work experience as well as strengthen their English.


The cost of living in Australia varies according to the different parts of the nation. Well generally, living in in or near a big city / urban areas is much expensive when compared to living in smaller cities or rural areas. For students, renting a flat in a big city may cost them twice as it does cost in a smaller city as there is a real high demand in the large Australian cities for housing and rents. Pursuing an education in Australia can be expensive according to the course. The way to proceed is to plan early and secure financial help. When you have checked your costs, the following stage is ascertaining the expense you and your family can manage. Worldwide associations, international student loans, international scholarships, and private Australian associations can be imperative subsidizing sources that can let you consider studying in Australia.


Academic Requirements to Study in Australia

Australia has an integrated nationwide system of qualification known as "Australian Qualification Framework" which is recognized by the Australian Government. Australian Education and Australian Government invite a large number of International Students to their country to study.

Starting from Diploma to Advance Diploma, Bachelors degree to Masters level. Student also have options to go for Doctorate levels of programs after completion of masters degree.

Courses Available at Graduate level and Undergraduate Level :

Australia offers a wide range of courses almost in all the fields. Bachelors degree may vary from 3 to 4 years and Master degree vary from 1 to 2 years.
Australia generally have two major intakes which is July and March and few universities offer multiple intakes in September and November. University generally takes 4 to 6 weeks for application process.

English Requirement for International students

Work and Migration

Skilled - Graduate Visa is an 2 years visa given to students on completion of 2 years of Study in Australia. During this time the student can work full time, or improve their English to gain additional points for General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR Skilled Graduate Visa Holders can apply for any of the following visa categories within the 18 months duration.

Part Time Employment

Students can work up to 20 hours a week (anywhere) during course time and 40 hours per week full-time during vacation periods if they have been granted a work permit. On an average a student can earn around 12 AUD/hour. Casual Jobs are available (A$15-18 per hour) as PT work option


Visa Guidance

TransGlobal Overseas Educational Consultants in Delhi have been bewildering understudies for past various years to the extent coordinating, visa availability, course determination and stipends.

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