IELTS Training

Prepare for IELTS Exam to Study Your Dream Course Abroad

Do you want to fulfill your dreams by studying your course from your desired country? Don’t you know how to prepare for an IELTS exam? Do you want to learn the basic tips and preparation strategies to clear your IELTS exam? Well, if you are struggling with these questions, don’t you worry!! You have come on the right platform. In this content, we will talk in brief regarding IELTS and how to prepare for the exam? 

What is IELTS?

Let’s first discuss what IELTS is? IELTS is an International English Language Test outlined to study or migrate to a country where the fundamental language is English. IELTS examine your listening, speaking, writing and reading ability and judge you on the basis of 1-9 scale. The candidate who wishes to study abroad to complete his/her dream course needs to prepare for the IELTS exam demonstrating his English language ability and opening a wider range of job opportunities in that particular country.

Why is IELTS important?

IELTS has been made mandatory by the top English speaking nation across the globe to make sure the immigrants, temporary workers, or students seeking admission to the different courses do not experience trouble in surviving at locations where English is a major language used for communication. The coaching and IELTS training builds self-confidence, develop English communication skills, and make you proficient in English. IELTS help overcome the language barrier.  

Where in the world is IELTS accepted?

IELTS is accepted in more than 140 nations by over 10,000 organisations in the world. The IELTS score is useful for immigration, study abroad, and employment purposes by government of many countries. 


IELTS at a Glance

The IELTS exam is held to assess the reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability of non-native English speakers to migrate to the countries where the language of English is a first language and the candidates who wish to travel to the countries to pursue their dream course which is significant for the growth of their career. 

The exam IELTS is a paper-pen examination in which students have to fill the answers to the questions and the durations for the entire paper is 3 hours. The paper is divided into 4 sections and students have to perform each section with their diligence and hard work to score good marks in the exam.

About the Test Sections in IELTS

The IELTS test is developed to have a fair and accurate assessment of the English language of the candidate. The test contains a simple syllabus that is suitable for all test takers of all backgrounds.

There are 4 various IELTS Test sections. Each section has its own importance and scoring well in every test section is essential.   

The 4 Test Sections in IELTS are:

  1. Listening – 30 minute duration
  2. Reading –   60 minute duration
  3. Writing –    60 minute duration
  4. Speaking – 11-14 minute duration


The Types of Test in IELTS

IELTS has two major test types. They are (i) IELTS Academic  (ii) IELTS General Training.

These two types of test aims at assessing your ability of English language related to reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

Choosing the Right IELTS Test

It is necessary to choose the right IELTS test from the two major types –

– IELTS Academic Training
– IELTS General Training

There is a different terms and conditions applicable with the mentioned two type of tests. The test patterns, question type, and purpose differ to a great extent. The IELTS score requirement can vary from a country to another from an organisation to another, and from a university to another university. Hence, check the detailed information related to IELTS score requirement. 

Also, make sure you choose from IELTS Academic Training or IELTS General Training. We at Transglobal Overseas provide the best IELTS coaching in Delhi and training. Students and working professionals can enroll for the IELTS training anytime.